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    Default I lost my Mojo - Retro and Metro

    Hi Guys, I just got back from an exciting game of Beach Volleyball, it was good to go out and run in the sand.
    I woke up yesterday with a hangover from my last night's outing. I got up, and filled in my FR BFOC with Retro, Snowflake, and Asia+, while I was writing, Metro, my Russian, always bronze tanned friend, called me, he found a coupon on Groupon, for a Korean spa, 50 minutes for $39, plus full access to Golf Range, Steam room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Clay room, Showers, Cold bath, Easy Chairs ...etc. Why not? I thought to myself, it might help me deal with my Hang Over.

    At the Spa, I have a nice shower, shave, and go to the steam room, and then I get my massage. The lady was very detail oriented, and I felt like she was trying to squeeze, or beat, the devil out of my body. That chick was rough; nevertheless, it was a good massage.
    Later, I meet up with Metro, and we went to the Dry Sauna, Metro has only been in the US for 5 years, he just started to understand the American mentality, and he finally understands why he is getting nowhere with women, other than POF women that seem to always have some sort of a dent in them.

    I start explaining some of the rules, why I got into it, and what I expect to get out of it. I wanted to make sure that he understands that I cannot give him a magic sentence that will make girls legs open, like a hooker's leg on Bourbon Street. I setup a task for him, he has to approach 3 groups, and start with the Match vs Meetup opener.

    After the Spa, we get something to eat at a Hole in the Wall Mexican place, I had the best damn Burrito of 2013. I am still a little cloudy, and hung over, so we go to Starbucks after, and we continue talking about the game, the coffee is starting to straighten me out, I am getting bursts of energy back, I think I am up to try a few approaches myself.

    We go to Happy Endings on Sunset, but the place is full of guys, they are watching the fight game, we end up at "The Woods" there the small, dim, and cozy atmosphere doesn't lend itself to lots of opener, but as soon as I got in, I opened up a girl, she started talking to me, and suggested that I go to and join team to meet girls, instead of meetup, or match. I opened to show Metro how the 3 second rule works, and how to engage someone in a conversation, when I talked to the girls, they were in deep conversation, I just wedged myself in between, and started talking, it worked.

    I think that was the most successful set of the night for me. After having one under my belt, I encouraged Metro to approach a couple of girls, he kept insisting that they were not pretty enough, I explained that he is not going to sleep with anyone, he just needs to get used to approaching, and calibrating.

    Metro wobbles across the bar, finds two girls, and opens, within 30 seconds he was back. I didn’t tell him how to continue the conversation; to be honest, I had trouble myself last night, my energy level, and his, were low, I could not get started, it was like I was waiting to get my energy from my targets. Surprisingly though, Metro got his adrenalin up, we was excited by the interaction, he felt that he just elevated himself to a new higher level of life form, I can see in his mind, he now sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

    This was great, I am giving guys hope, but there is a problem, I am not good myself, I am learning, and I am trying to be one step ahead of the guys I am going out with. Nevertheless, I will think of all of this later, now, I have to fake it so I won’t let Metro down, after all, I need to start building my own network of wingmen.

    Metro successfully approached the first set, although, he fucked it up in so many ways, he overcame his fear, and approached, and that is great. Now its time for the second approach, I meet two girls asking them where is a good place to go to, since we were not from Hollywood, they start naming places, I ask, how do you know each other? And they turn out to be Twins (Obviously not identical) I say a couple of nice things to them, and I lose my game, not I am just fucking things up… time to retreat.

    Metro’s energy level went down, we end up at the bar drinking Club Soda, the place was getting too busy, and it didn’t look like there were any opportunities to approach any one, we leave to go to “Happy Endings” on Sunset.

    We get into Happy endings, our energy level is still down, and we are not lose, we have some anxiety, and really not in the mood, but this is work, and Metro still owes me two openers. He is not the most confident out there; his Russian accent is hard to understand at times, he doesn’t understand what the fuck people are talking about the other half of the time. But still he is a good looking dude, and presentable, and non-threatening looking, so it shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. He approaches a couple of other sets, both done very weak, but I think he might have a good future, I think he will progress nicely in the next few months.

    I never found my Mojo last night, I approached about 6 groups, I was fucking things up, Royally. I was leaning towards the girls, I was asking Chode questions, I was talking without purpose, and I was trying to read the girls too much, and not passing their shit tests, even though I kinda passed a couple of times, but I never stuck with it, I ran out of material, and I just didn’t play well.

    At around 1 PM, I had enough of myself, I drive Metro to his car, and tell him that his homework is to watch 10 hours of some of the RSD videos on youtube.

    Stick to the game, use the material.
    Get over the shit tests. I need to reach the hook Point. I have to KNOW that I will reach the hook point, it is there with every set, if I don’t reach it, then I fucked up, chickened out, or gave up.
    Have high energy levels.
    Don’t lean into a set; keep your composure, lean back. They should lean into you.
    Find the right place to fit your style. I did much better at the woods, where people looked a more intelligent, and mature.
    Learn how to keep the conversation going. (That should come naturally, if you reach the hook point)
    Disassociate from your surroundings, till you reach the Hook Point.
    Ask less questions, tell more stories, loaded stories.

    Retro ..

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    Default Re: I lost my Mojo - Retro and Metro

    Fake it until you make it is the name of the game. Sometimes (if you're hung over for instance), you can't really flip that switch and get the energy level up, but it's not going to work if you can't do that. If you're low energy, the vibe is going to be A) creepy, B) needy or insecure. Even if you don't own the club, you have to act like you do.

    I recognize a lot of myself in your report. It's so easy to get caught up teaching your friends to game that you don't do particularly well in your own sets. At some level, until we reach a certain level of game, it's best to be a little "selfish" and focus on your own game rather than giving out advice. That is probably coming across as hypocritical since I'm a newb giving advice, but it seems like good information anyway. At a certain level, your social proof of game is your credibility in advice giving. It's easier to understand than it is to do, as I well understand
    Learning the hard way, for once.

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