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    Default Report of last night at the club, huge progress!

    Okay guys I just went to the club last night and just got a huge boost in inner game. Let me tell you what happened because I think I just got a huge surge of inner game.

    So been gaming for about a year or so in the Club mostly with mixed results but last night was a huge landmark! Why? Let me tell you what happened 2 weeks ago. I met this awesome girl, N-closed her, secured a first date on the phone, then it went nowhere because I got oneitis.

    So last night I was pumped up and ready to approach but didn't do a single approach. Well bad night then right? Wrong!

    Okay guys I think I am figuring this stuff out because last night I had cute girls hitting on me! I was simply walking down the stairs getting hit on, barmaid giving me free drinks, and some girl put her arms around me and we were dancing hardcore. I could have hit it off with this girls but I decided "Hey I am the selector so I am only going to approach a really hot girl." Well I saw 1 dimepiece in the Club who was really smoking hot and she was in the VIP section. I was in the zone but I waited and found out later she was flirting with like 3 other guys. See how that works?

    You can't always just move in like that when there are other guys in the picture. So I played my stuff really good and didn't give away my power. This really helped my inner game. How? I just texted an old HB9 I met 7 months ago in the Club who I sent 7 texts and she never responded and now she is totally invested in talking to me. I got her responding and now she is invested in us talking tonight on the phone. I made that look so easy because she was responding right away, acting flirty, and totally in to what I had to say.

    I just made some serious progress. For more look in the texting session but I think my next focus area is going to be day game because I really want to learn more of this stuff.

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    Default Re: Report of last night at the club, huge progress!

    Awesome job bro! It's always a great thing to be able to reverse a negative Mindset for the better. It can always mean the difference between the hottest thing in the place or the chump out of the bunch.

    Heads up to you in the future to help out your game big time. If you ever have another scenario where there's a girl getting hit on by a bunch of dudes, do not approach the girl. Instead, approach the dudes and begin socializing with them. Work to get them real comfortable with you, and then let them show their real colors. Drop subtle dhv's while forcing them to drop dlv's, and that lovely lady will be as good as yours.

    Establish yourself as the alpha male, and others will follow.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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