Hey all,

Ever since I started reading about PUA stuff, I have been looking for different places to meet HBs. My friends (all of them in a relationship) wouldn't introduce me to anyone, so I had to take the initiative on my own. I first tried the bars, but the quality of girls I met was seriously lacking. I then thought about co-workers (I work in a huge organisation), but then I realised that it wasn't such a good idea. Unfortunately, I do not have any hobbies that girls might be interested to participate in, so I decided to try out meetup groups.

I live in a city with a huge expat community and I have heard/seen countless of stories where couples met at such meetup groups. So, I signed up in one of these groups, which actually had a gathering last week. Many people were newcomers and were looking for new friends.

I brought along a female colleague of mine who was interested in having fun and I have to say things went pretty smoothly. I didn't go with any expectations and I appeared quite self-confident all along. I played it cocky/funny but didn't openly flirt with any of the ladies. I met a girl that was my type: we introduced each other, chatted a bit, made her laugh and then moved on as there were quite a lot of people to interact with. Then, I met another girl that seemed a bit interested in me, but I think she's the slutty type. Also, just the day after, she posted on our facebook group, saying that she was invited to a party and that any of us could join her if we wanted (2 guys replied to her btw).

My colleague also had her share of fun. 2 guys approached her separately and isolated her, and chatted only with her during the whole night (and got her number of course). The first guy was some okayish dude but he was doing too much to catch her attention. He even sent her a text the next morning. The other guy was a bit like casanova, talking big and being flirty. He waited 3 days before sending her a text to ask her out.

Except from them, I didn't see any flirting and I think it would have been an inappropriate thing to do for a first meeting in this group. I guess the game might come by the second/third meetups.

So, now come my questions:

1) Do you think picking HBs at meetup groups works? Wouldn't it be a mistake to act too soon and reveal your real purpose? I think people go to these gatherings just to meet other persons and not necessarily to flirt. You will immediately get labelled if you act too openly.

2) Do you think I did well not to act too eager in front of the girl I liked and didn't ask for her number? Ok, we didn't manage to talk that much, so it would have seemed weird anyway. One option would be to send her a private message on either facebook or the group's forum. But am I thinking that it could seem like I am stalking her... The other option would be to wait for the next meetup. If she doesn't show up, I move on to the next HB.

3) What to think of the "slutty" girl? Am I overthinking this? I found it a bit weird to invite a bunch of people she just met to some random party she got invited herself. Looks like she's desperate for attention (she also acted a bit that way during the meetup btw). I would say she's a 6 as she looks a bit childish (she's 27 but can easily be mistaken for a late teenager). Anyway, I am a bit curious as she seemed interested. Again, do I pm her or wait for the next meetup?

4) What do you think of the 2 other guys' strategies? Ok, I am no pro, but I could tell this wasn't the PUA way to proceed. My colleague is already in a relationship and she really doesn't care about them. Moreover, she immediately saw through their games. The first guy was too eager and lecherous and the second one played by the usual rules (waited 3 days to send a sms, etc.).

Morale of the story: I am not sure if I did well to act a bit indifferently but I couldn't bring myself down to their level. Sure, they got a girl's phone number and I got none (well, no one cared to exchange phone numbers as everyone already is on the facebook group) but they didn't manage to seduce her in the end.