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    Default AMOGed big time some weeks ago

    So I was sitting in this club by myself, going through a long FB message I had received (yeah, I know, very teen-like FBing with your smartphone in a club but hey, that's what I was feeling like ).

    This rather good looking girl come sitting close to me. I keep it cool at the beginning: don't move my body towards her, don't even move the arm I was having between me and her.
    As the conversation goes on a little bit, I lay the phone on the table and open up a little bit more as she pulls her chair close and leans over to talk to me.

    At a certain point she says "wanna dance?" and gets up.
    I didn't wanna dance but I had figured out moving to the dance floor with a nice girl wouldn't have been such a bad idea and got up. First mistake, I should have probable stayed there.

    She actually had a group of friends close by I hadn't noticed, second mistake.

    One of the guy was huge, I mean really massive. Ripped. His T-shirt was making a cliff move over his male boobs, but I (I guess) most of it was actually muscle rather than lard (still pretty ugly in any case, in my slim fit opinion ).
    Possibly the girl was "his" girl.
    He extends his arm as if he wanted to introduce himself and and as I think "alright, getting to know the AMOG around here could be a good thing", I reach out for his hand.
    He makes a damn strong grip, keeps it like that for a few seconds and then he shakes/pull (not really sure which one of the two, probably a mix of the two) violently with enough strength to make me lose my balance -I have to take a step ahead-.
    He does it twice, I seem to remember, as we actually get physically closer, till the girl break the grip by talking him out of it.
    The girl comes close to me to say something, I guess it was "sorry + something else" and I say "wow, this guy pumps some iron". It was not the perfect thing to say I reckon and being in a non-English speaking Country that was another mistake, I doubt many people would understand the expression "pump iron".
    Maybe I should ave said "this guy is as strong as he looks stupid" , but I didn't come up with anything like that in the situation

    A few seconds after the -quite cute- waitress that I know from the club comes talking to me for a while and kisses me on the cheek, completely stamping out the few ounces of embarrassment from my side.

    I went back to sit not much because of the AMOG thing, I didn't want to dance in a group of strangers and I would have gone anyway. It didn't mean much, but just to end the story, some minutes later, before leaving, the girl comes to kiss me twice on the cheek and said it had been nice meeting me. I stay aloof, don't ask for phone number or anything, just place my hand on her belly as she leaned over. Maybe I should have asked for a contact, not because it would have led anywhere, but just to piss the AMOG off in case she would have given it to me

    Most likely nothing was going to happen with that girl even without the AMOG stunt, and I wasn't much angry with the guy, he was just an idiot for me.
    I was angry with myself though, for having fallen into the trap. Refusing to acknowledge his presence in any way would have been a mistake I think. What I could have done was: put two fingers on my forhead and waved the cowboy way, ignoring the hand shake.

    Lesson learned I guess.

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    Default Re: AMOGed big time some weeks ago

    while i'm not great with club game in general, i would've made friends with that AMOG so he wasn't a threat, forget the girl for a bit and pat his ego, and then resume, that seems like the best way to go

    all you club experts tell me i'm wrong so we can learn

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