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    Default You guys gotta hear about my night at the Club

    Okay guys just got back from the Club and what a doozy! Man oh man was that something else. I got a little tipsy and I am definately not drunk, don't even think being drunk would help my night have gone better than it actually did. Kinda detailed so be ready.

    Harcase Newby
    So my state was already high from earlier in the day from doing an N-close on a HB6 that worked in the Mall but got blown out by. It's in the "How to Pick up Women" section. Now as I posted in this Pick Up field report section last week about my progress I talked about inner game and how even though I didn't do any approaches due to scarcity I felt like a rockstar ready to spit some game. This is what I really needed to accomplish, proving to myself that I could achieve what I was after.

    So I approached the HB6 in the Mall and got rejected pretty hard after she was feeding me IOI's like mad, asking me to show her my body, flirting, etc. It was kinda a shocker that she shut me down but I played it off like it didn't matter and guess what it doesn't because she was a tease.

    Now I asked my girls out tonight and tried to get them talking but none of my girls were biting tonight. So I was a little bit in dire straits but in such a high state that I didn't want to not learn something from it.

    Back at the Club
    So I went out and had a great night running game. My first approach was an HB9 Barmaid that was serving me drinks. Super hot and slamming personality. I have had my eye on her for a while but never had the guts to ask her out. So I manned up the courage and went all in. First as I said my state was high so I immediately went where she would be, upstairs. I didn't hesitate and went strait for the kill. Man I was on my game tonight! So I went up to her and usually ask "Hey how are you?" wait for a response then ask for my drink. Well I figured hovering was not a good idea after getting my drink so I worked it beforehand. Before getting my drink I started spitting game at her.

    Walking the Line
    Now to understand where I am coming from you should read in the "How to Pick up Women" my post about approaching women in the Mall to help understand my approach to my game tonight. So as I said this HB6 shot me down but I learned from it because she was just being a tease and probably wanted some comfort built first before I initiated. So I realized I need to flirt with girls more due to this which is possibly causing some of these rejections but especially the rejection I got earlier at the Mall.

    So I went up to the HB9 and started spitting mad game, hitting on her, feeding her attraction signals, to get the ball rolling. She seemed responsive so I stepped out and took a breather. Like I said earlier about flirting I am starting to realize we have to work it to prevent flaking. So not only was I trying to build attraction but also prevent her from flaking if I did actually get her number.

    The Cold Hard Truth
    So basically I have been in the game for about a year and been getting a lot of numbers but a lot of girls lately are getting flaky on me the last minute which as I have learned here is due to my comfort and rapport with them. Due to this I started flirting hard with this HB9 Barmaid. I made my second approach for another drink and thought about what I wanted to say beforehand and without any aa this time I said in a very confident tone "Hey can I ask you a question? Are you seeing anyone?" Her response of course is probably very expected for you guys but "Yes" she is seeing someone and basically found out he works there. But this is the crazy part, I didn't go AFC. I was just nice to her and cool about it. After that the strangest thing happened I saw the "Crazy eyes" again! I have only seen the crazy eyes once from an HB9 I danced with one time who tried to kiss close me and was ready for sex. The crazy eyes means they want to have sex with you.

    This proved true because after that she did the funniest thing. She wiggled. That's right she feed me the crazy eyes then wiggled her whole body that displayed in her body language very simply I turned her on hard and she couldn't hide it. So I ejected from that but she told me she would be thinking about me if she breaks up which is essential since a lot of hot babes are already taken and jump from BF to BF. Nice to know I will be next in line if that goes down.

    Building strong momentum
    So now my state is really high! 2 approaches that day so far but no practice sets, real hardcore sets. Then I made my way downstairs and this is where it got really freaky. I see these 4 girls standing against the railing which I didn't even check them out because there was so many of them and hardly paying any attention. My mindset was to never open a 4 set even though I have before and have been wondering this for a while. Since I did it once before I might have had a little bit of inner game in me but I know it's flipping hard! That's why I would never open a 4 set sarging unless I open the one and even that very rarely. But mostly when I sarge I look for 2 sets max due to all the issues that go on and boy did it go on!

    Getting freaky
    So I walk by these 4 girls who are all facing me. Head downstairs and I was the only one going down then I hear them blurt out "He's so hot!" I look up and say "Hello" I don't know if this happened before or after but still it happened. Then I was like wait! They were all facing me now checking me out as I was going down the stairs! So I made my approach and didn't even think of what to say just said "Wait" outloud to myself.

    I went upstairs and was like "Come on I am not going to pass that by!" extremely confident and in state. I start checking them out and notice they are all HB5's-HB6's. Except for one in front of me which was a solid HB9. We started going at it and they were all farking trying to eat me alive. Lucky for me I was flowing very well and the conversation flowed like water with no awkwardness at all. So immediately after a little bit I asked if there was any more of them coming and they said yes. At this point I was feeling really outgunned. 4 of them and 1 of me. Felt pretty tough. I mean this is why I hate 4 sets!

    So they all fired off their names like rapid fire. At this point I was tipsy and not fully 100% but felt great. Lucky for me I remembered two of their names. So I go for the N-close on the hot one and she immediately gave up her number since I knew there was no way to salvage this without isolation. Isolation felt improbable at this point so I ejected with the HB9's # which was the smart thing to do.

    The thing is I got fitness tested hardcore. So the hot one is the one that blurted out that I was hot and come to find out she was the one fitness testing me the hardest. So I got her number and as I was doing so she pulled the normal fitness test I have seen on pick up videos which is "What is my name?" I got it wrong but then got it my second time around without her telling me directly but she had to give me hints. I forgot the other two names but then asked for them and got them all right after that. This is why 4 sets bite! Too many flipping things to remember.

    Then of course the hot one throws another fitness test at me and says I "Failed" and I got an "F-" I played around with this a while because it was fun and told her I should get at least a "C-" she kept saying "No!" but in a playful way. So I knew she was teasing me and I moved on.

    Closing out the night
    Well come to find out I didn't correctly save her number in my phone and lost it! I was checking my phone and it was gone so I was like Oh snap I am screwed. I had to approach again. I think being tipsy caused this but whatever I tried to recover.

    So I waited for the right time and made my 2nd approach. This time there was a guy right next to her but I was so in the zone I phased him out. I approached her and said "I lost your number, can I have it again?" She sounded dumbfounded but still in a very flirty almost hurt kind of way. Then she shoves me away by force and says "We'll see you next weekend because you come here all the time".

    Very hard rejection this time so I knew this was bad but still wanted to recover. This is where I usually get pissed and leave according to my old AFC self. But being the Alpha Male I was I went in again for the isolation. I saw my opening as she headed downstairs alone. So I made my 3rd approach this time really playful and fun. I begged her but in a non-needy cute way and was like "But I won't see you next weekend" all pouty but again not needy but cute and outcome independant.

    Taking turns
    This is where it got really interesting because she then became very receptive at that point and asked me to take her upstairs to get to the photo booth of which I oblidged and put my arm around her the whole way but she really moved in and allowed it to happen. Perfect natural kino. Then she runs to the bathroom without taking the photo. So again I wait for her and she tries to slip past me smiling like nothing ever happened! This is where I got playful and alpha male again. I grabbed her hand and her other friend grabbed her hand and we were playing tug of war over this HB9.

    Well I won so we finally got to take the photo. I put my arm around her again, kissed her on the cheek, held her hand, then tried to K-close. She resisted the first one and turned away. I moved my hand to her chin and pointed it towards me to try again for a K-close. She said "Sorry you are going to have to work a little harder". What!? A little harder!? That was flipping insane how hard I just worked for that. So in the efforts of "working a little harder" believe it or not I went for the F-close. Ready to tell her I would escort her out and to tell me when she was leaving I made my last approach. Sadly I got "You know what ****blocked" by her friend. They got protective but probably because again 4 sets bite and probably no way to F-close those at all. But props to you if you have.

    Either way I finally got her number and am calling her tomorrow and see where it goes. But again guys I wanted to stress the importance of building rapport after getting the number because this may help prevent flaking. All in all I think I did a very good job and even though I am a hardcase newby I learned something about not just settling for the number but really pushing the attraction switches to help build attraction faster.

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    Default Re: You guys gotta hear about my night at the Club

    Nice read, I actually can relate to this.

    This friday I went clubbing, I couldn't get anybody to dance with the whole night to I got back to my set. I meet back up with my friend and he's with these two girls, I start flirting with one and it was all good. Later on me out calls me out and I go check him out, he tells me this girl wants to talk to you. She was in our set, I holla at her and she basicly I just see one of their friends with a huge grin no her face, I just took the guess and went to talk to her. (That wasn't even the same girl) We talk, all fun and games, I forgot to N-close and tried to K-close, she said ''On the cheek'' We chuckled and gave it on the cheek. I meet back up with the other chick and she seemed mad, I didn't care and chatted with my friends, later on she's sitting ontop of me, sleeping on my chest. I also tried to K-close her and it didn't work. Going back home I realized this. *In my head ''Waiiit.. Why did I try to kiss a girl I don't know.. Obviously its wierd at first! Wow''

    I believe that trying to kiss someone you just meet, without having them all in your business (Krazy Kino, massive ioi's) Isn't a way to Kiss them. If she was isolated, away from her friends, I'm certain the kiss would of happended, why ? Because she wouldn't have that guilt her friends seeing her kiss a random guy, right.

    I learned that that night and I'll keep two things in mind.

    -No kissy chick you just meet.

    Nice read again, you're doin' good.

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