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    Default First Approach, Feedback please?

    So this is my first approach ever, and I was just chilling with a friend at a college party for a few moments, so I couldn't really do any other ones. It was at a college.

    Taoist: Hey, I think I've seen you around here. What's your name?
    HB6.5: Haha, Katie. What's your name?
    Taoist: Taoist. you see my bro there? We've been cool since freshman year, I was just chilling with him for the night. You know, you really look like a rebel hipster.

    HB: Haha in a good way or bad way?

    Me: None, it just seems like you go to a ton of raves.

    HB: haha no, I like punk rocks and stuff

    Me: So you play guitar? *nods* I just picked up guitar you gotta hit me up with a few tips.

    HB: Well, just bass. not real guitar tho, so no help there.

    Me: Haha we def need to jam though. *high five* But yeah, you still qualify for the rebel type if you are punk rocker.

    HB: Haha I guess.

    Me: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

    HB: Like what type of crazy thing?

    Me: Your pick.

    HB: I had sex in an elevator?

    Me: *Hold eye contact* respect. *Make up lame story about my outdoor sex with girlfriend, as she tells me hers, I won't go into details.*

    (At this point, a drunk dude comes up, she hugs him, keeps in a lock in position (Hand on shoulder), so I look kinda awkward just facing them standing there, I chitchat meaningless shit with the dude for 2 minutes and eject saying well I gotta go meet up with my buddies, nice meeting you guys)

    Since this is my first approach, atleast since I started studying PUA material, I really would like some feedback. I think I was smiling during the entire convo, which would make it a bit weird, but I know that now. I really did have to leave after, so that was it for the night.

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    Default Re: First Approach, Feedback please?

    Dude this kinda like social dynamics what happened to you here. Watch Tyler Durden's stuff on Youtube.

    First off I have had this happen to me before countless times in a Club. Meet a HB in the Club get her # then she starts making out, dancing, etc with another guy. You have to understand girls do this to fitness test you and to get attention because likely she had her eye on you while this was going on. I used to be bothered by this but I understand this is apart of social dynamics and act accordingly. I eject for a min and wait for the isolation then escalate further seeing as I have competition.

    You did kinda pull an AFC move there how you ejected because you should have waited for the isolation then escalated w/her seeing as how she will view as lesser than this other guy if you don't step up. Try that next this happens. I posted in the "Pick Up field report" section about how a girl did this to me and I went Alpha.

    But what I didn't mention was she was getting heavy w/some guy but again I went Alpha and tried to get heavy w/her and almost pulled it off but she wants to wait for a make out session.

    Hope this helps. Keep trying.

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    Default Re: First Approach, Feedback please?

    I woulda chatted up the guy right away. Like "Hey, I'm toaist, how do you know HB?" If you notice them talking about something beyond what you can participate in, eject immediately, wait till she's alone again, then go in for the kill... Try to escalate a little more next time.

    Like after you she told you her story, be like "You get a hug for being awesome" or something, then hug her, then ask her to get a drink with you or something. Get her away from the initial meeting point

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