Last night was unusually dead for a university town. The few people that were out were mostly guys. On nights like this I build report with the bartenders and doormen etc. I tell my stories and dhv with them. It makes their night go faster to have someone interesting to talk to and you will then have friends at the places you sarge. You walk in and everyone that works there smiles a big smile and calls you by name, shakes your hand or fist bumps etc maybe get a hug from the ladies and you look like a rock star! On the slow nights I try to befriend some new people and visit friends I have already made to keep the friendship going. One place I go I know about everyone that works there. This is a perfect place to take a date (or Instant Date) to show some social proof. One date said "wow they all love you here!" I just smiled. She couldn't keep her hands off me after that.
Once the guys see me pull a few HB's they get even more impressed.
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