I was talking to a female friend in one of my art classes and this HB8, whom I know a little, joins in the conversation. We were talking about which schools we plan to go to for our Masters.

I asked the HB8 if she ever visits the local galleries or museums (I live in San Diego). She said that she has been here four years and didn't know anything about San Diego. Then, she asked me if I'd take her out and show her the sites.

We exchanged numbers and took each others photos. She asked if I remembered her name and I said, "no." She remembered my name and added that she wanted me to call her so we could go out on Friday and kept eyeing me and smiling until the end of class - all of which are good IOIs!

I should add that she moved to the US from China four years ago. I can't tell how old she is. She looks like she's in her early 20s, but some Asian women look 20 years younger than they are. She is petite with an athletic built, beautiful eyes and smile.

What caused this woman to hit on me? This has happened to me before. I think the following is why:
1) I always sit with the women (I've noticed most guys sit together & caulk block each other),
2) I flirt with some of the ones I've known longer,
3) I talk intelligently - it is college & expected,
4) I am always in good spirits & if I'm not, I fake it! (Never let a target see you down),
5) I talk about the great time I have doing stuff,
6) I am neat, smell good and look good for my age (I am 10 times older than the digits of one hand),
7) I risk saying some controversial stuff to the women & they seem to appreciate it.

That's all