I'm brand new to the forums so I thought I'd start with a story of my first close, which happened about a year ago.

As I said in my introduction, I'm new to the science behind all this and I mostly sarge solo.

The Scene
A dingy bar near my condo that has live music seven nights a week. It was a Saturday with a cover band so everyone knew all the songs.

I had been out drinking with a buddy earlier but decided to stop into this bar on my way home as it's always a good time.

I ended up chatting with some of the guys watching the band and I had quite a bit to drink. I had a couple of looks from the ladies in the room, but no bites.

The Introduction
It was almost closing time and I was pretty down as I hadn't come away with anything more than a smile. During the last song, I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turm around to find an HB6 and an HB7. The HB7 asks me if I was the one who had farted. Normally, I'd be pretty put off by this but in my intoxicated state, I coolly replied with, "That's the worst pickup line I've ever heard!"

She laughed and we began chatting. I quickly learned that the HB6 was her older sister and the three of us kept chatting as the lights came on and they booted us outside the bar.

We talked for a few more minutes while both girls had a smoke. I don't smoke but I wanted to fit in so I had one with them. Eventually, the girls invited me back to their place for another drink as they live nearby.

The Close
I went back to their place and we continued chatting and drinking in their living room. The older sister got a call from an ex-bf who needed a place to crash. He was pretty drunk, but as both girls were helping him with a place to sit, the older sister gave me her email and said she was sorry but she had to take care of her ex tonight.

This left me and the younger sister alone and we got close on the couch and started making out. Eventually, things progressed to the bedroom where we undressed and continued fooling around. She then told me that she doesnt sleep with guys she just met.

We carried on and although I didn't f-close, I did more than k-close so I feel it was successful.

The Next Morning
I woke up beside her, we dressed, thanked each other for the night and I left. Her sister was eating breakfast in the living room when I left. I threw out the older sister's email as I just spent the night with her sister.

A couple of questions for the more experienced PUAs:

1. Would you take up smoking to keep the interaction going?
2. What would you have done with the older sister? She was more gf material, but being drunk I was interested in the near term gain.
3. Should I have tried for more with the younger sister (n-close or f-close)? How would I approach this?