B Follow up on "Affairs w/ Married Women are a No No!"

Went on the outing (not date) w/the married HB, whom I'll call MHB. As I hoped, she worked as a chick magnet! We went to an art show opening at a wine parlor. MHB was bubbly & mingled like a champ. In the first half hour, we met almost everyone in the place. We sat & had drinks and some eats. That's when a couple of women approached our table & commented on MHBs stylish hairdo & introduced themselves. When MBH went to the restroom, one HB handed me a business card w/her name & no. written on the back.

As the night rolled on, another HB approached us & was very friendly w/MHB. She kept touching her & showing other IOIs then asked, "Would you two help me fulfill my fantasy?" I almost stood at attention!

The MBH explained that she was married & that I was just a friend. The HB pouted & left - I must have had a blatant look of shock on my face because the MBH told me to close my mouth!

Anyway, I got the fantasy HBs number first chance I had. Even if I am out with a female friend, I do not hit on other women in front of them.

I don't know why some women get so competitive when they see a guy w/another women. Are these Alpha-Women? Are they jealous & insecure women that want to stir up trouble w/couples? I don't know.

Have any of you experienced the same chick magnet affect?