True that TheManSohan. Thanks for the encouragement guys to keep improving and get out there. However I think I just realized something through experience and reflecting on here.

My Current Inner Game
Now you guys know a little about my inner game already.

*Kinda low confidence due to being a skinny guy (hitting the gym last 3 weeks have been building muscle already). 6'3 and weigh 162lbs last time I weighed myself. Getting some thickness to my arms and chest already which is great for boosting my inner game by helping my outer game!

*Not able to dominate. The two times I was approached at the Club twice by two chicks at different times who went in for the kiss and I backed out. The second time was mentioned in this post. The first time was with a HB9 42 yr old in the Club. I backed out mainly due to not feeling good enough due to me being skinny and not being able to show dominance which killed me.

*Not a very good closer. Need to get better at K-closing, bouncing, attraction building to prevent flaking, teasing, etc.

*Very good now at Approaches, I am great at opening on the spur of the moment. Because I keep going for it haven't had any aa lately and just walk around the Club feeling like I am in Pimp mode ready for anything. Don't get oneitis anymore. If I meet an awesome girl I like this used to stop me from approaching other hotties but now I just keep plowing.

Feel more comfortable keeping the convo going and re-initiating the chat. Great at N-closing. Actually I have made about 26 Approaches and got about 11 #'s are the more actual numbers.

My New Inner Game
Okay guys I know I should be going for the close after I open. Shortly into a chat I will close about 5 min in. But now I am starting to wonder if there is another way. Alas give me some feedback on this since I am just throwing around ideas but very serious about trying this next time.

New Strategy
No N-closing and delayed K-closing. I know that sounds strange but the biggest hang up with all these approaches have something in common. The verbal communication. I am going to focus more now on verbal escalation because I most often times get shut out due to bad verbal responses or poor verbal escalation. So now I am going to make my last priority going for the N-close but only as a last resort and definitely not 5 min into the set.

I have noticed this may be messing with my game. This is why out of the 11#'s nothing has come out of it. Sure I have gotten close to a D2 but ultimately not enough attraction to secure a D2 and prevent flaking.

Now I am just going to wing it, try bouncing hot girls, then do some routines, check Compliance by going for the make out, then trying to attempt leaving with them or secure a meet up later that day to build more attraction and run more routines. I truly think where I keep failing is not spending enough time to get them invested by showing that I am actually an interesting guy and not another sucker.