Hi guys,
first of all I tell you my story why I decided to join this community. I was a bit frustrated that all my friends have nice GF's and I still do not have. And yesterday I realized how big my problem really is. I'm now exchange student in Finland and this is great occasion to try approach some finnish girls and use the biggest advantage of anonymity.

I start by saying that my english is not as good but I do my best to explain my experiences to you and describe my feelings from yesterday's party.

It was just a big club where were a lot of exchange students so i it could be nice for me cuz I can take account speaking in english with them. I decided approach at least 5 girls (yes I'm the beginner and my fear of approaching was big). From some unknown reason I was not nervous in the club - I felt good according to really bad situations from previous clubs(Maybe EFT and NLP helped - these of you who knows that I recommend that). So we were in VIP room and a girl was putting "drink responsible" advertisement next to entering door. So I used the situations and told her: "Hi, I guess this advertisement is mainly targeted for Spanish students, cause they're always drunk and they're always screaming like a hell (I felt good saying that)" she was speaking with me a few seconds but she lost interest.

When I left VIP saloon I approached a girl sitting next to the bar and writing something on mobile so I restored a sentence about her writing boyfriend (that time I really pushed myself !!). "Is he writing?" I asked and she answered: "what?" (yep it was a bit noisy and hard to understand a word). "you look like you're in love." ... she said something but I did not understand. Since that time I had no idea what to say. She looked really cute and if I remember well I mentioned something about dance but that was stupid :-( and I left.

Luckily friends appeared. They started to talk to me and finally my attitude changed. I like when someone is interested about my exchange in Finland and conversation was good. I met my friend's GF and she was one of these talkative ones who conversated with me a long time (and she was really beautiful). At least I did not looked that I'm sitting in the bar and checking what's the time in my phone but a girl was speaking and speaking and I was of course answering easily. I felt good when she was smiling to my jokes and her friendly attitude was nice. But that time I realized what's wrong with me. My conversation starts just with question - nothing inovative, just usual daily stuff and nothing to be really asskicking. Of course my body language was bad.

I did not feel that my body was replying to my thoughts. I WANT TO BE FU€KING LEADER. I'm 195cm tall, I'm NOT a skinny guy, I work out, want to representative my personality and feel good in circle of ppl. Of course that's not about how do I look like but I want to feel well and be confident when saying something.

When leaving the club my thoughts were not negative. At least I've found what I'm really bad at and try to improve. I signed to "thetaoofbadass" and reading the chapters.

ASAP I add more experiences. But I would appreciate some comments of you :-).