March 2 - 3, 2013 @ Karaoke Bar

Ka-Ra-Oh-Keh! Who doesn't love the attention that singing karaoke can bring you? I was the DD for the night so I was hyped on RedBull and La Agua Margarita. Picked up my girlfriend and her friends and headed to the karaoke bar. We walked in and one of my girlfriend's friends was singing a song in the restaurant area ~ he announced my name over the speakers and gave an unexpected introduction to everybody that was in there (social proof through the roof haha). I played along, dusted my shoulders off, pretended to fix my hair and gave him and everyone on his table a handshake, kiss on the cheek for the ladies. We had to wait a few minutes for our room so I sat on one of the stools near the entrance. My girlfriend sat four seats away from me with our friends in between, and I saw an opportunity to talk to one of the waitresses:

Me: Excuse me! *she walks over* We got the room at 10 'o clock, what are you guys' "rules" in the room?
HBLittleRed: Well, don't break anything blahblahblah
Me: Well, that's obvious! *we laugh*
Me: So what kind of drinks do you guys have at the bar besides alcohol?
HBLittleRed: *smiles and looks a bit confused* Well, we have juice, soda, water...
Me: Do you have energy drinks? How about RedBull?
HBLittleRed: *looks excited* Yeah! We have RedBull!
Me: How much does THAT go for?
HBLittleRed: Five dollars!
Me: *eyes wide open* Whaaaat!?
HBLittleRed: Yeah, it's crazy! And you can't bring in your own drinks either.
Me: Yeah, no BYOB, right?
HBLittleRed: Yeah
Me: Well, cool. Thanks, what's your name?
HBLittleRed: I'm [blah]
Me: [blah]? Cool, I'm [blah] (forgot her name later even after I repeated it )
HBLittleRed: [blah?]
Me: Yeah. Are you going to be our server tonight?
HBLittleRed: Yeah, we'll be in and out of the room.
Me: Cool, well, thanks, see you later. *she leaves to go help somebody*

My girlfriend comes over - obviously jealous - and gets all up on me, which is fine with me but I knew I wouldn't be talking to HBLittleRed after that display We got our room and my buddy "X-Man" and I are the only guys who are singing... for the whole night! But we're having fun and I'm ballin' on RedBull and La Agua Margaritas, HBLittleRed keeps coming into the room and my girlfriend talks smack to her friends about her when she leaves saying "I don't like her when she's hitting on my man, but I like her when she brings me drinks. I have mixed feelings about her" and they laugh. (Little does she know that I like her drinking because she falls asleep earlier, which is good for me ) I leave to take my buddy home and when I get back Braddahman is sitting slouched over asleep. X-Man and me keep singing and we get the girls to sing, finally! It's time to go and Braddahman is puking in the room, so I get everybody outside. While everyone is outside, I call over HBBusyBody.

Me: *Makes eye contact and raises eyebrows - she walks to me* Hey, I need to talk to you *signals to move closer so she does*
As she's moving toward me somebody calls my name and it's a friend that I haven't seen since high school. I thought it'd be a great idea to talk to him and ignore her for a while (about 2minutes long), and luckily she stayed put while I talked with him.
Me: Hey sorry about that, let's talk over here *led her to the stools near the entrance*
I apologized, she asked why, and I explained to her what happened in the room; asked her what's gonna happen next and she just said they'd clean it up.
HBBusyBody: Did you leave a good tip? *smiles*
Me: Yeah, I did. I just wanted to thank you guys for putting up with us.
I could tell that she was into me beyond the "server-customer" level, but my girlfriend and all of her friends were right outside the door and I could feel their eyes piercing through the glass at me. Her boss came by and struck a conversation with her about a problem with a bill, so I put my hand on her arm (tricep to be exact) and said "Hey, thanks again."
HBBusyBody: *Immediately turns her head at me and her face was screaming don't go but her natural reaction was..* Thank you, Have a good night.

I'm walking out the door and my girlfriend and her friends are eyeballin' me and X-man is standing over me and all I hear is "What was THAT about?" And me... like a boss... "I just wanted to apologize to them about what happened in there." (Keep in mind, there was more going on in there than braddahman puking in the room) They each came up with their own conclusion (Oh about so-and-so hitting on the bartender? Oh about braddahman puking? Oh about the trash in the room?) and I just nodded. They're perspective changed to "Oh, you're so nice, so gentleman, so cool"

More happened after that, but nothing really include in this FR.

- Getting introduced over the speakers as soon as I walked into the room caught me by surprise, but I played it off well and didn't overdo it.
- The conversation with LittleRed seemed completely natural and innocent and I didn't have to try any crazy openers or routines, but I didn't get any results except a few IOIs throughout the night.
- My Girlfriend was jealous about me talking to LittleRed and consistently mentioned her to her friends throughout the night ~ easy to say that I was the main topic of discussion for about 10minutes straight at one point of the night.
- BusyBody came to me, waited while I was talking to my buddy, followed me to the stools, and was throwing out IOIs during our conversation.

- Keeping a positive vibe definitely rubs off onto others ~ no one wanted to sing except X-Man and I, and by the end of the night we had everybody singing without the mics.
- No Alcohol ~ when I first started gaming I refused to drink alcohol... then it slowly changed to pre-game then game... to a few drinks will loosen me up
- Reciprocate and absurdify ~ if she pushes you away, push her back or freeze her out. If she complains about something small like "Omg someone sing a song already," absurdify it and make it a bigger/smaller deal *sing* "OH MYYYY GOD.. I did it again so I can make the BEAT DROP!" (Black Eyed Peas)

- Speak Louder ~ speak with authority and confidence; speaking softly displays a lack of confidence and leadership
- Transition the conversation to 'personal' ~ I had my girlfriend and her friends eyes all over me during my conversations with other girls, but as long as I kept it plain and didn't escalate it was perceived as harmless - for the most part.
- neg the target ~ I figured out that my mind perceives a strong difference between the terms "Neg" and "tease." When I "neg" the target, I'm being playful, smiling and a little cocky/funny. When I "tease" the target, I'm being cocky, not smiling a lot and making the target uncomfortable.

It was amazing night out with my friends even though I didn't drink alcohol. I think I'm going to cut down on the alcohol consumption, as well as the energy drink consumption because my stomach is growling at me after four 20oz RedBull cans over the period of 9 hours.