P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } I've been a member here for a couple months. I haven't posted a great deal, but I have read a lot, and have tried to apply it to my online game. I chose online game because I have a busy career, and a child, so I don't have time to be going out all the time. That, and the club/bar scene is not my strong suit . However, I can sit at my computer, tablet, or phone and use dating sites at almost any time. I use one, and have had a great deal of success. Here is some thoughts and experience on what works.

  1. It's a numbers game. I've messaged quite a few women. About 30% responded. You can't get hung up on if they don't respond. It comes with the territory.
  2. You have to be interesting, and not like the untold number of AFC's that contact her. So write something interesting (non-creepy) to get noticed.
  3. Don't ask questions. Make statements. Don't giver her the option to say no.
  4. Try to get her to talk (or text) about herself more than you talk about you. Give out information about yourself when it is related to something she said, or is on her profile. That helps build rapport. I've had women tell me that they've never felt so comfortable with anyone they've met on line, so it is working.
  5. In my situation my schedule makes it really hard to meet immediately. I tend to date within my age range (mid-40's), so it's always a question of juggling kids and jobs (both theirs and mine). So, the trick is to NOT text a great deal. Most of the time, a few times a day-and spread it out. And, the longer it takes to meet, the more challenging that is. You want to balance the need to maintain interest, yet at the same time don't appear needy and always maintain high value.
  6. If you're minimizing texting over time to strike that balance, you still need to escalate sexual tension (to avoid friend zone). The flaw here is that even though you can escalate it rather easily, it can fizzle if it goes on too long. Frankly, it's hard, so you have to make each text count.
  7. I've also skyped with people. This builds rapport and comfort as well. So it is a good too for me.
  8. As with everything else, online game is about getting a woman to meet you. The quicker you can do this, the better your chances. It's too easy to get bored with texting, and not being able to meet quickly is the obstacle. Then, you close. About 40% of the time, and if I've used texting to build a rapport and comfort, I can close at the first meeting.
  9. You need to able to close, so read up on it. All the perfect openers and the like are useless if you can't close. Get good at body language, be mindful of your vocal tone, and bet ever better at reading hers. Kino is an excellent tool.

This past weekend was my greatest success. About three weeks earlier, a woman had contacted me on a site. We started texting, I purposely limited the amount of daily texts, yet built both rapport and sexual tension. Over the weekend, she drove over 60 miles to meet me at my place. Within 30 minutes of her arrival, we were in my bed having awesome sex. In total, I've closed with six women in the last three months (and the snowy weather in the Eastern US really kept me from meeting more).

I'm still addressing the texting issue. I know a lot of people say that texting should be minimal. But, in my situation, I'm trying to use it to do more than most would typically suggest. It has been working, so I can't complain. I really don't have that much of a choice. At the same time, I think some women are slipping through the cracks, so I'm looking to improve that even more. I'll keep on posting with updates.

Thanks to everyone who shares information here, It's made my getting back into dating a big success.