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Thread: make out!!! st patricks day!!

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    Default make out!!! st patricks day!!

    Okay, um... I'm pretty sure this was far in over my head and the number is probably not solid, but um... I DON'T CARE!

    Went out today for st patricks, had more than a few drinks, and started talking to girls.

    I've been SUPER charged up throughout the past week after learning about this stuff.

    For this reason more than any other, it only took me one or two drinks to be in FULL MEGA STATE, to the point where girls were approaching ME.

    I was out with my buddy Kale (who has no idea about any of this stuff), and two girls -- HB8 Blonde, HB8 Brunette.

    I was instantly drawn to the blonde, and I was like, "I think you've had enough!" She swatted my arm. Kale engaged his girl. THANK YOU GOD.

    I go to the blonde: "Oh my god, you guys are trouble, going around trying to get guys liquored up."

    She plays right into it, "Yeah, we're troublemakers."

    Me: "You guys are best friends aren't you?"

    Both HB8s: "Hahaha, yea!"

    Me: Best friends test --> Runs perfectly.

    I keep talking to blondie: "Is this a weapon?" Pointing to her head band, which is made of spiky fake diamonds.

    HBlonde: "No, I use it to send telephatic messages!"

    Me: "Okay, bring it." We put our heads together, I spring back and say, "Whooooa! Dirty thoughts! Yikes! I better stay away from youuuu...." I turn away from her, she pulls me back.

    HBlonde: "Come onnnn... don't tell anyone, okay?"

    Me: Briefly FREEZE UP. Things are literally going TOO WELL for me to process and advance. I know full well that this is TOO much BT spiking, I know I should be qualifying, etc. With this in mind, I go, "You live around here?"

    HBlonde: "Yea near xxxxx"

    Me: "Me too!!!" High five, hug. "Oh my God, I love you, get away."

    HBlonde: laughing

    Me: "Wow. You're amazing. Come here." CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE I'M DOING THIS. I pull her in. Look at her lips briefly. Go for the makeout. She does too.

    We continue bantering. And then brunette comes back in the scene. Fuck!

    HBrunette: "Let's go upstairs!"

    I see Kale is ready to follow them upstairs, I also see that brunette is trying to get away. FUCK. Note to self: share some of these principles with my buddy. I quickly say to blondie...

    "Hey, we've gotta go! You're amazing. I wanna take a chance with you. What's your number?" My phone is in my hand. I KNOW this is not the best way to close a number. Once again I do not care.

    She gives me the number, I plug it in. Holy Shit. THIS IS A TOTAL MIND-BLOWER. I pull Kale out of the bar and we go to the next one.

    So... I'm going to try this number, but I don't see it manifesting as a Day2. Whatever. This day was COMPLETELY GLORIOUS. I'm pumped as fuck. I'm also kind of drunk still... Woooo!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: make out!!! st patricks day!!

    started off good but kinda died at the end. it seems like u were expressing too much interest in her. dont tell her you love her. also, why ask where she lives unless you push to go back to her place. it seemed like u had a good connection so you shouldve made a big move right there to get back to her place. then at the end you shouldnt of told her shes amazing. ik u were drunk but try to think of a witty closing line next time. other than that good job!

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