Okay definitely not as good as I was anticipating. So here's the report.

Field Approaches "Warm up mode"

1st Set HB6
2 Set w/2 okay girls and one was kinda cute but after walking up not really feeling any attraction for her. Still I was in warm up mode and just plugging away to get myself in state.

Later after about 2 re-approaches she blew me out and said "I Don't Know You'. To which I gave her my name and asked for her name. She said her name was my name which was really lame so I ejected fast. No N-close cuz again I am trying to do my destruction mode to where I successfully bounce them before N-closing them.

2nd Set HB8
Got her when she came out of the bathroom because she was talking to me beforehand. I sparked up a chat and was going pretty good but forgot to bounce her and got distracted.

Later I tried to re-approach her after the bathroom chat and some new guy walked up right when I was on the approach. Guy was really buff and confident and she fell head over heels for him fast. He never left just kept standing around her. So I got AMOG by him and not only that but she kept being approached by guys and had like 3 guys hitting on her at once. Man that happened fast! Should have bounced her, so kicking myself for that.

3rd Set HB7 & HB7
2 set, just said what's up not trying too hard and the first one started hitting on me hard. To which we took a pic and the other one started hitting on me then they left to the bathroom and said they would be right back.

I have seen this before and I don't know why I fell for it. She tried to play me guys by asking her to buy her a drink when I tried to bounce her to the bar to get her isolated. I told her I don't play like that and didn't pay so you guys will probably be proud of me for that.

Then I made the mistake of waiting for her to come out of the bathroom to which she got creeped out and blew me out. Didn't want to re-approach because she stiffled me.

So even though I didn't successfully bounce any of them I feel good not just N-closing every girl it feels pretty good because then I will be able to really select more the ones I like.

Final Thoughts
After my warm ups I saw the first girl of the day I was really attracted to and didn't run after her, my mistake. Sorry guys I failed. I should have been warmed up but really stiffled since not enough chicks I could talk to I felt.

I was expecting at least about 20 sets due to the high volume of this parade but there wasn't just the turn out I was expecting. Plenty of women but not a lot I wanted to talk to. I just couldn't build any momentum due to the turn out.

Either way I am going out to the Club tonight to run some Night Game. That was my first time running day game so really inexperienced there. I will post the field report on the Club tonight as well and I am really going to focusing on the Make Outs and Bouncing girls.