Alright guys, I was rewarded by my own bravery. Sarging at my local mall alone on a Weekend. Im walking down and I see a security guard, not thinking too much of it I looked again and the mall cop was cute! I slowed down and asked about the Pac Sun store. "The Pac Sun used to be right here! Where is it now?" (I know the mall well and the store moved to the other end. I had her show me the way and I flirted with her the whole time and pretended to describe a handsome 5 9 guy in my imaginary radio like she had. The conversation went well as my Indirect Approach sent the right signals. We reached our destination, I grabbed the number, and told her that we would definitely get together.
Ive been working lately on my terrible texting ethics, coming off as beta and just being boring. Staling out all kinds of numbers. After two Texting guides I did well enough to set up a coffee date for today.

I picked her up and was immediately amazed how she looked when she wasnt in uniform. EVEN BETTER. This cute latina was wearing a loose thin material green top that fitted nicely but was almost see through. Revealing her black tank and cleavage. OOh, anyways we stopped at coffee and I just bought our drinks and snacks. I think its okay, some dont but paying for small things seems reasonable.
The conversation was fun and I was setting up for Kino, light bumping when walking. hand on the back through the door. She rubbed back a bit to. As we fluffed for a while I was thinking " Kino kino kino! COME ON!" And then I though "Bro, get out of your head and get in the moment." We kept talking I started teasing and I got some leg slaps and more light kino. After a while I said screw this place, its nice, but I want to show you somewhere else! So we got in my car and headed to the local lake park. Perfect spot we walked and this time I brought my jacket just in case the clouds dumped any rain. We walked along having fun conversation and stopped at a bench. I gave her heavier eye contact before and was facing her directly. She told a sad story but I just listened and changed the tempo after. I was worried about my kino because the walk there hadnt been much but then we were feeding the ducks and I placed my arm around her and we focused on the ducks fiendin for our food. It got a little quiet and she rested her head on my shoulder for a bit. After that I was able to talk more directly about us. She even put her legs over mine and was massaging my back through the side of my jacket I offered out to her.
The most amazing thing happened, it started to rain. I said "Ooh theres something I want to do, but im going to wait a little" waiting for the rain to pick up. It started going a little harder and I looked her in the eyes and said "Ive always wanted to kiss a girl in the rain" and we kissed for a few minutes it was dope! We got up and walked away back towards a sheltered area I suggested to Bounce to. We went there and made out and talked and idk held each other for a bit. Looking at this hill across the street we talked about what was up the path. So being adventurous I said lets check it out! When we got to the path a family was coming down. We had a long fun walk( it was funny her in her sexy boots trying to hike up) and after like 7 min we made it breathing hard. She spyed a rabbit path and wanted to follow it. Idk why but I let her lead not really caring and I followed her around. We found this beautiful spot where on both sides you can see really far. One side a golf course, the other a city scape. I said idk why this is up here but its a perfect spot to make out. And we did. Coming down like 15 min later we made it to my car. I got a picture of me and her for dhv later and good memories. woooow it was freaking perfect and I made so many powerful memories for her.
Guys im worried this girl is going to want to be my girlfriend, shes smoking hot and im attracted but im trying to get to the next level of game. This is my second day two ever and im thinking that I scored a lucky encounter but theres got to be more. How can I keep seeing her just like this and continue to game as much as I do? I really want to grow in the comunity and ive heard a girlfriend is bad for that. Any thoughts or ideas to grow my harem would be nice. hahah thats so messed up. Also I wanna fark I could use tips on getting that done when all I could get her to do was simple kissing. Any ideas to puching on the next level? Thanks for reading guys any comments or tips are greatly recieved.