Hello folks.

So yesterday's night me and a friend of mine, along with his girl friends, went to a disco.
Everything cool etc etc, after 3 hours we went to the VIP section to take a seat. One of the girls started to talk with me about some girls dancing, saying things like "look at this girls, it's so easy to take them on and kiss them and that's why you guys are assholes. I bet some guys are betraying her girlfriends" etc etc. I didn't say a thing, instead, I tried to lean back.

Seeing that, she turned her body to me (I didn't do a thing, I still stood by her side, my body was facing the other girls she talked about), I remember saying something like "well, going to a disco is like shopping self-service. You pick one girl and that's it, you 2 make out. There's no thrill."

The conversation continued, she started kinoing me, I cracked some jokes (she was always laughing, even at the ones who weren't funny at all) and then she started to qualify herself, saying that she's very competitive, she wants to win everything, etc etc etc. I replied "what about karting?". She told that she loved that and she'd beat the hell out of me. I replied "wow a challenge, I like that. Seems like I'm going to employ my considerable pilot talents to beat your ass."
Obviously she said "ahahah don't fuck with me, you're not gonna win", to which I replied "well if I win, you're gonna have to seduce a rich old man.". Her: "ahahah, that's not gonna happen, you're are the one who's going to seduce a rich old woman".

Well, then I said "give me your number then." to which she answered "so you want my number? hahah", I replied "you can lend me your number, I'll give it back to you later ", she laughed. Then I said "here's my cellphone, type it down."

After that she re-started qualifying herself, she said "oh, every guy doesn't believe I'm 20 years old, they always say I'm 23/24", to which I replied "you seem like 27 years old to me. You know something? You're like my older sister ya know ". Well, fuck me jupiter, her reaction was priceless. It was like she was taking a cold shower. She replied "you're the first guy who told me that, I can't believe you! ahahah". I answered "seems like you've just lost your 'older sister' virginity" and she laughed.

I think it went pretty well, her friends wanted to dance, but she didn't. She preferred to say talking to me. Her friends giggled at her and looked to my friend smiling because of our conversation, I guess I did actually hit her nerve.

Kudos mates!