As of late I've made out with over a hundred girls, I've had many great dates and girlfriends but fuck that shit. I wanna get layed.

With that said I finished up work and met up up wit my friends at a local college. We hit it hard. I got blown out twice, n closed and seeded the date on another 2 and made out with an austraulian model last.

Nite rolls in and its time to play. We hit up a bar slash club in davis. Instantly start hitting up girls. Hit hit hit!

Some girls like us some don't that's game. We hit the dance floor grind on some girls. Long story short found a cutie who was dtf. Friends weren't having it so I did the only responsible thing to do. I picked her up and ran away. Her friends caught me.

My wing torrey pulled a girl into an alleyway. Couldn't knock down her LMR. Andy friend cybershot pulled a girl to her house and closed. So not a complete waste of time.