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    Default Club Night Out, total bust

    So last night was a total bust and got completely shunned all night. But I need to celebrate the lows as well as the highs.

    Why last night sucked
    Now this is just an experiment I am doing so I don't have enough data to go on but I thought about it and I think the biggest problem last night was not my game it was the quality of women.

    No Good Sets
    Yeah so I don't have any good sets to share really since I just spent all night getting rejected, played, ignored, walked away from, dissed, negged, etc.

    My Take Away
    I truly believe extremely hot women don't like coming out in snow as I originally had the impression and it seems every time during a snow storm they are no where to be found. Too bad we got hit by snow at the last second after I already purchased my ticket. My approaches were pretty simple. I just walked up and was like "Hey or What's Up?" Yeah definitely going to stop doing that next time.

    Getting Rough
    The women last night were super harsh with me. I asked for their name and got nothing, asked for the bounce and got nothing, asked for a hug as I was already taking it and got nothing, started talking and they would just walk away or turn away.

    These girls were strait up playing dirty. Like you guys were saying I had oneitis for the Bartender but I was going at it like a true champ. Either way I didn't close a single girl because they all gave me huge resistance. This is why I love my destruction mode theory which never lets me close a girl until I get her compliance which makes me feel less needy.

    The Harsh Reality
    Out of the nights I have had since I have started running game I have 2 bad nights and last night was one of them. I looked at it and they both had 2 things in common. Both were during bad snow storms when no hot women showed up I was attracted to.

    Every other night where there was attractive women I was approaching I have always been able to get compliance, dance, flirt, do Kino, make connections, close, etc.

    I couldn't even do kino last night and I wasn't even stiffled and feeling really good. If there was women I was attracted to there I would have had a better night since that is what happened last weekend. So to further prove this point I will share a report again when I go out and there is a good turn out.

    The HB9 Bartender
    Okay yes you guys corrected me on my oneitis and I think I just proved that by not focusing on this woman at all to keep up my state. So anyways I think this is a part of game guys, I am attracted to the HB9 bartender and she is attracted to me so I am going to keep trying to sleep with her until I get shut out.

    The long and short of it is this chick still hasn't rejected me yet. I checked her compliance again last night and she still says she will hang out with me this summer. She has a BF guys so obviously I don't have enough value to just be N-closing and doing a D2 yet. When I told her we would go out this Summer she got really excited which showed me it was the right course of action.

    I can polish my game in the mean time, go to the Gym, and keep getting to know her, show pre-selection, and keeping DHVing her. So last night I did another compliance check and she passed it again and just won't reject me. So last night when I left when we did the normal kino hand holding stuff I was rubbing her hand instead of just holding it.

    The kino I did with her didn't feel as powerful as the first time but still I think me and her were both in different moods. I was in a different mood due to have having no successes even though staying unstiffled I still feel super alpha when I am doing good rather than just getting shut out again and again. So I am still working on her but again she just won't reject me. I am purposely pushing it trying to get her to reject me in a way so I can see how far I can go with her instead of trying to stay in the friendzone.

    By doing this I have been able to get plenty of compliance about getting her # someday, going out this summer, kino, etc. Either way when I ran the compliance check last night to confirm we were still on for summer she said yes as long as she didn't have a BF. She brought up the BF again and I walked away feeling pretty weak then re-approached her and here we go with the kino hand holding stuff. On a side note I finally got to call her baby last night and she liked hearing that, she was calling me babe too. I don't even think she remembers my name cuz every time I ask she forgets and she never asks so maybe I will just always be babe/baby to her at first LOL.

    This makes my situation a little difficult because even when I do get her # eventually and if she asks who it is I can't really say my name cuz she won't have a clue. I may just have to say it is her baby since that is the only thing registering on her radar right now.

    So how can I escalate this and take it to the next step? Getting her # isn't an option yet since she is waiting for the summer for me to ask her out. So any other ideas would be helpful.

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    Default Re: Club Night Out, total bust

    I just had a similar night last night. The people I went out with were low energy and being a natural introvert, I couldn't really get to a high energy state just by myself. I had trouble warming up and couldn't force myself to approach everyone. My RAS blocked out everything. I'm pretty disappointed in myself because I know I can do better

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