Ok.. here is the situation.. Tonight we went on a date, 3 men and 3 women.. There was one couple, and basically one guy (the obstacle) and me hadnít already met the other 2 girls (like a blind date).. Moreover I didnít know this man (the obstacle) very well.. So, as you can imagine we started playing on the same girl (the prettiest one).

After meeting the girls I almost immediately started with my game, talking a lot, using my DHVs (basically telling stories, speaking about situations in which I came up as a leader, and joking), and I monopolized the attention.. After a little time we went in a pub with live music.. I pretended not to be impressed by the 2 girls (actually they were a 6 and a 5.. I know itís sheet, but itís still valuable in order to improve my game).. So I listened to the music, telling some jokes once in a while and so on.. After a while I started with the first neg.

TheRocker: itís a Rolling Stonesí cover song.. how is it possible that you donít know it?!.. 

I guess it was a good neg, since they reacted pretending to know the following songs, so we started kidding about that and about the fact that they didnít know anything about music.. So since I was leading the situation, suddenly the other guy began to try hard with the 6.. I tried not to mind about that and I continued my game speaking to the group, while he was only trying to speak with the 6.. 

So at last the 6 started going Kino on me!

The 6 (holding my hand): what a nice bracelets.. I like these most.. but I donít like this one!

Now here is my question for you guys: How do you think I had to react on that?

I didnít want to tell ďdonít touch the merchandiseĒ since I didnít want to give her an IOD.. But I continued to act like I was not impressed by her..and I guess it did seem like an IOD as well..

After that the man offered to buy a drink to the girls.. I thought ďperfect, he is killing his gameĒ.. But the 6 refused any drink, and the 5 accepted but after he brought her a beer, she asked to pay for it.. The fact is: after this the obstacle continued trying hard, going kino on the 6, speaking only to her.. It started to seem that she liked to have all these attentions, and in a situation like this the 5 started to think that I was there for her (wtf!!)..

I continued speaking and telling jokes to the group and finally it ended to be a funny night, and everybody was telling lots of bullsh1ts, with the obstacle always trying to speak only to the 6.. Finally of course she didnít go with him, but I lost the possibility to play a good game with her.. and worse, everybody understood that the 5 wanted to go with me!!

So I donít know how to behave now.. Should I start to contact the 6 on facebook, knowing that the obstacle will do the same for sure?? Or what díyou suggest me to do??