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    lagron Guest

    Default First online "pickup"

    Well yea it's my first...I like being with the person instead of it being all online and stuff, well I tried it on this girl, I know has interests in me, never really said anything to her but a mere hey hows it going down there.

    Here is a copied the messages...

    "hey there

    hii who are youu?

    do you remember that red truck the other day...and that handsome guy say something to you and your friends?

    na loll yesterday?

    couldn't keep track but you remember? don't nah me heh

    want me to refresh your memory with something else?


    that was a quick response

    this'll take a second


    Who do you think you might have laid eyes on, maybe the first couple of days in school last year?

    no onee lol

    Or specifically when we had to get our school pictures taken

    no one? no made you think, "Hey I'm right here, look at meh, look at meh?"

    I put in a pattern here...
    "do you honestly think im going to read all that" might as well read it?

    if I don't reply don't take it personally I will be back on this tomorrow, have some things to care of."

    then....this is what I sent to her mail box...

    subject of message "I had to leave also, had some one to meet but heres what I wanted to say"...

    Did you ever . . instantly know you were going to like and trust someone for a long, long time? Like maybe even though you only knew them for a short while or not at all. . it seemed like you had known them your whole life, as if there were this timeless connection between you and them. I mean, you know that feeling of incredible bonding, when all barriers just drop away and melt and you just feel totally comfortable and at ease with them. And its like maybe you were even able to imagine a time in the future, say years from now, still being incredibly connected to this person and looking back on today as having been the start of it? I just think that's the neatest think when a person can . . go inside and . . instantly recognize all those qualities and values in that other person, that . . lets that connection take place with someone. . with me, it usually takes a bit longer.

    But when you really feel a connection with someone. You know that mysterious, timeless link that just makes you feel like you've known someone you were meant to know them....and it's almost like you're looking right at your your future is right in front of you...when you feel all starts out as an actual physical click... a tug that takes place right...

    I think it's so funny how some people can just do that and let it happen instantaneously because for me it takes longer. But I do find that during the course of an evening, as you really listen to someone, and you start to recognize those values and qualities in them that you hold so dearly for yourself with me that's when you can make that connection and really feel that growing bond.

    But what I find really interesting is .. what can happen is when you feel that connection, that warm, safe and comfortable feeling right there, then what can sometimes happen is a picture of this new person your connecting with will sneak itself right into that special location in your mind where one keeps a person they care deeply for, and that's how you know you're already starting to fall for this person. And sometimes during the course of the evening or maybe even during a simple conversation like this one you'll look up at that picture and as you continue to feel that attraction growing, its like that picture gets bigger and brighter. And that's how you know you really just want to be with this person and you're really ready to be swept off your feet. Now the funny thing is, when you have that kind of connection with a new person, maybe as you're snuggling in the sheets about to fall asleep, again up comes that picture of this person in that special special place and also maybe at some time during the day like when you're stepping into the shower or you hear the sound of running water again it reminds you to see that picture so clearly in your mind.

    do you honestly think im going to read all that


    was that serious??

    What do you think, no instead what do you think that all meant?

    idk its alot from a person i have never even talked to in my lifee

    You have (even if it was a small phrase), not as much as someone would hope to have been spoken to though.

    i dont get this.

    must have been a bit too complex for you then heh? that's funny in a way lol.

    your a jokster arent youu... kk bye

    I wasn't trying to joke around in anyway. But your still online so you couldn't have taken it all seriously could you? about the must have been too complex part.

    I just thought you should know, I would have said something in person if I was sure you were really who I and hopefully you hoped you were.
    then left it with the natural woman pattern, and didnt even say bye......

    what do you all think about this horrible first try...which in a way I regret trying heh, should have just stuck to playing around in person.
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    Seems like a lot of effort into patterns and whatnot. I try to be more flirting and fun. No patterns (not sure they work in person, but I am sure they don't work online). Next time, show her you are a cool guy that likes to have fun and also have a lot going on, but try to hint that sometime next week (or whenever) she should come watch you play softball, or grab a hot dog in the park or whatever is fun to do in your area.

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    lagron Guest


    Yea I'm thinking the same bout patterns online and them not working much...but it doesn't really matter about this chick, it was just a girl that passed by a bit in school, my stupid self again never said squat to her/didn't notice, I hit myself up for not noticing people in the past tons of times.

    Thanks for the tip : ) appreciate it...any idea where to find some online pickup/type of thing? My "in-person" thing is not a problem for me at all in my opinion, but talking online well I always say fu** that...I can see why lol. : )

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    RocketMan Guest


    Well... if you jus say f it, then you aren't really trying. I would bet you are even trying things that WONT work just to push your limits. That is fine, but you won't find success with that. Try to think about the situation from the girls shoes. What does SHE want to read/hear from a guy that is hitting on her online. Remember - she is looking for someone cool, safe, interesting, fun and someone who would be cool to hang out with and her friends would approve of... being a cocky smart ass is not what she is looking for online. Someone interesting who would bring value to her life is more what would interest her.

    Think about that a bit, and calibrate your messages and overall approach with that in mind.

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    lagron Guest


    I'll try to adapt to those things she would be looking for online, thanks.

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