I was at the beach in a hotel, it was about 10pm here, so there were not so many people. They have wifi so i was just reading a few techniques to overcome Approach Anxiety, which was until now practically my biggest sticking point. Suddenly this HB8 walks past me and sits a few places in front of me, dont think she saw me before. I spent 5 minutes debating on whether or not to go and talk to her, finally i just thought eff it and went to say hi. We ended up speaking about the holidays, ourselves a lot. I ran Mysterys esp on her, both numbers worked perfectly.

After that i cant remember much, at some time she suggested going for a night swim, so we did, in underwear. In the sea We talked until i Just went and kissed her, straight on without any gambits. That was about half an hour after saying hi.
Then we cuddled for a bit on the beach, dont know if i could have taken it further, didnt want to really. Yeah, thats about it. Not bad for my first real approach at a stranger ever Id say. What makes me most happy is that i managed to overcome my approach anxiety so much, first step to finally geting out of my cage as eternAl AFC has been made. thanks to all of you guys thanks for reading, good night