Just posting this interesting situation I got in.

I was on the tube heading home reading my kindle. A mixed group stepped in going to their night out. They were quite in the party mood. One of the girls sits besides me. She was very chatty and extroverted with everybody.

Suddenly she looks and opened me. "What are you reading" (funny part is one my favorite openers )

"A book about body language"

So she kept talking in, and she was so extroverted that I was feeling like being picked up.
At some point she says there is this gym which gives a free day to try it out. That she works there as the receptionist and that if I would give her my nr. she will send me the details to the gym. You can ask for me there. She said this thing out loud and her friends were kind of smiling.

At the beginning I was like, this girl is trying run some scheme on me or just wants another customer for her gym or something like that. I was feeling awkward to give out of the blue my nr to this girl, but I thought, whatever it's just my phone nr. if I don't feel like texting back I just don't.

After they left, I was just thinking, this girl gamed me big time and she was really good! And even funnier I was behaving exactly like those girls we try to pickup and they are all suspicious.

It was a quite interesting experience how the girls actually feel when we tried to pick them up and even that I should be gaming as good as this girl was gaming me.