Either way guys I just had an awesome night at the club and found a new GF, thanks for all the help! This would be a very long story if I were to recount all the details so I will make a long story short.

The Numbers:
4 sets, 1#, 1 k-close, 1 dhv on the Bartender

The Rundown:
Super good night all around but remember that HB9 Bartender I have been having oneitis for? Well I DHV'd her again tonight and told her I found a new GF! I met the HB9 Bartender's DJ BF who randomly walked up to me and gave me his CD. I asked his name and knew instantly it was her BF because she told me his name and that he was a DJ. Come to find out the HB9 Bartender was flirting with me and grabbing my hand right in front of her BF, wow!? The Bartender was very disappointed when she found out about how I told her I found a new GF that I met that night. Awesome! I told the Bartender I still like her and will keep her on the backburner for now. Man loving it! Did 4 sets but I will tell you guys the highlights of the best (and longest) set of the night

Set, Approach, and Close:
HB9+ Pam Anderson Look a like
I sat near to her outside the smoking area all suave since I just sat down far away. Then I slide over knowing I was going to run some game on her but didn't try to make it too obvious and creep her out. Can't wait to tell you guys about this set, epic!

The Open
Me: How wasted are you? (she looked hammered and was acting very weird earlier. My favorite opener by the way situational and indirect)
Her: Fark you, fark off
Me: Okay fine (I stood up to leave and she grabbed me!)
Her:No sit back down
Me: (feeling like a stud I was like wow! This girl was just telling me to fark off and I thought she was serious, I had no idea so was just farking with me, LOL) You are giving me mixed signals
Her: If that is what you want to interpret it as, then fine
Me: (after a long pause) Hey are you going to talk to me?
Her: Fark you, fark all your friends, fark anyone who ever farked you.
Me: But you don't know my friends, they are the DJ's, they were spinning tonight (True DHV grounding story by the way)
Her: Fark you, fark off
Me: You like saying that huh?
Her: (with a look of desperation) Uh Huh
Me: Fark you
Her: You can fark off
Me: I think you just wanna fark me
Her: (look of approval) Fark you every person here tonight has challenged me so fark off
Me: That's not a challenge?
Her: I guess yeah but fark you
Me: (secretly playing her) You like playing hard to get huh? Well you better make this easy because I am not going to work that hard you know
Me: Hey you know who you look like? Pam Anderson
Her: You rock
Me: Oh now I rock? (Man she totally flipped like a pancake! Hot & Cold the whole bit)
Her: Hey put this in my bag for me
Me: Okay there you go
Her: (her challenging me) Hey can you take a hint?
Me: Yes I can take a hint (no I really can't but I ran with it)
Her: (Dun, Dun, Dun sh!t test! hands me her lipstick) Here
Me: Okay you want me to put this on you (sweet I passed)
Her: Uh huh
Me: Okay but this is my first time doing this
Me: (getting all turned on I started making out with her) Man that tasted good, that was incredible! You smell good too
Her: (looking all betrayed, LOL she wanted it and making moves on me) Fark you!
Me: Hey you're a good time what's your name
Her: HB9+ Pam Anderson Look a like
Me: Okay give me your number and we'll have fun together

Got her #, k-closed her before I left, and texted her right after. Texted her 4 times and finally got a response. This is why I have said before and I will say again, chicks live in the moment! I texted her and got a response same night, score! By the way I was 100% present in my sets tonight and last weekend I was not due to sucky oneitis. I acknowledged my oneitis for the Bartender and just tried to deal with it and it took care of itself!

By the way I was super alpha over text just like I was in set. I told her I would come take care of her with my dashing smile and debonair charm! Man pure classic.

I told her she was my new GF (no objection to that) and I would come help her recover. She left right after meeting me and went home. So I will follow up tomorrow and get her to give up her address and will post in the texting section how I go about doing that. See why it pays to play your cards right? Man if this was a test I passed with flying colors. Couldn't have done it without you guys thanks for all the help as I just totally did the impossible! I went out chasing tail and found a tail worth chasing. I will go on now chasing this gorgeous gal's tail and do everything to keep being Alpha with this new gal. Will post reports in the field if I make it over to her house.

Also David Wygant says to claim a girl and I sure as heck claimed this one! I watch a lot of Coach Corey Wayne on youtube which helped my inner game big time! I take more of a relationship Mindset with me now which is the same way girls act and it helped me pass sh!t test after sh!t test from this gorgeous gal I was in set with. I usually hate sh!t tests but I was just soaking it up and it was all in good fun!

As you guys know I have had 2 failed k-closes by hot women that I approached and was gaming who started making moves on me and I got blindsided. I never felt good enough for them or felt like they would never go for me (the failed k-closes who tried to k-close me) but tonight it happened again! My 3rd time being in set where a girl is making the moves on me and trying to kiss me! Well I finally got to 1st base with a girl in the Club which was a huge confidence boost.

Now that's game! Finally nailed it! (well not yet, LOL but I am working on it)