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    Olympian Guest

    Default Texting Question

    Yo. So I'm pretty new at this PUA sheit, but have been reading 'The Game' and got hooked. This is my first post...

    I got the number of a cute water girl (I guess she'd properly be called a busser at a restaurant) last night, or rather, I gave her mine. We texted last night and I tried to use what I've learned from Style.

    Water Girl: Hey is this taylor?

    Me: Is this my water girl?? I knew you'd text... Do you have a name?

    Water Girl: Yes i do haha im sofia. So youre in the classic on saturday? (bike race)

    Me: You're a lucky girl cos Sofia is definitely one of my top 3 favorite names... were racing all week. You gonna come cheer me on?

    Water Girl: Haha really? Thats sweet. I might how old are you?

    Me: Im 19. I'd say you're about the same I right?

    Water Girl: No haha im 17. How long are you in town for?

    Me: Don't lie to me! were here for like 10 days but I'm off to bed. If we kept texting I might have to charge you and i wouldn't want to do that now would I??

    Water Girl: No you wouldn't haha well night then. And good luck in your races

    Me: If you're lucky mabe I'll text you tomorrow...

    Water Girl: Haha only if im lucky huh?


    SOOOO. Main question. Today is tomorrow, should I text her? I was thinking of waiting until tomorrow just to tease her...

    Please feel free to comment on the convo, like what I did right and what I did wrong etc...


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    lagron Guest


    yea...don't text her immediately wait one more day, to tease her, possibly try to get her to come cheer you on at another one of your races but tell us what happens...have fun, remember its one of the reasons pickup artists become pickup artists.

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    PlayBoy Lucky Guest


    text her u seem to have her on a string ur only there 10 day right use what i call the playboy pull ..make her ask to cum to the race example ,u did even support me today or i could use a cute face cheering me on .. work fast 10 days u cant waste them all on her playboy lucky

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    Yo, if it's me I strike while the iron is hot, but also set up some other prospects in case this one plays to hard to get or is flaky. I think girls will hook with you easier if you are not staying in town, mainly cause it's exciting and also they wont seem slutty cause you wont tell their friends.

    Go for it!

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    Alright Olympian what happened? You got us interested...

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