Spring time and girls are shopping for that Winter Beau!

Have you ever seen women shop? That's how they pick guys too. They have to touch everything before they decide what to buy.

Here is the lesson: during Spring the female species of the animal kingdom sends out a scent that attracts males. The males proceed with a series of actions to gain the female's favor. These actions include colorful displays of flesh or feather, loud voices, pounding chests, butting heads and even duels to the death!

Humans do pretty much the same thing: men Peacock, get boisterous, engage in competitive sports and anything to show off their Alpha qualities to the women in hopes that they'll win favor.

Strut your stuff a little more right now - women expect it, nay they want to see it. That's right, during Spring women are attracted to Alpha behavior more than other times of the year.

Keep in mind that almost every human male, even betas, will vie for dominance and show Alpha traits - it's Nature at work!

Women will sample a few guys while shopping around right now and will bed 3 to 5 guys between BFs. Be smart and let as many as you can meet try you on for size.