This happened a little bit ago , but i never had the chance to write it down !
So i just got back from truck driving over the road and i was reading mystery method the few days before that and i just figured out why not go out and practice, approaching and opening . that was my main priority master that first , then move to the next step
SO i quit drinking and i wasn't going to go to a bar so i just searched what local stuff is going at that moment and i found a concert , it was one of them dj thing so i went to it!
So before i even get there there are loads of Hb9 HB10 and they are all wearing white even the guys and i was like wtf?
So i proceeded payed 40 bucks to get in, went to the bar area and got myself some redbull and just quickly left the dance floor ( the place is huge at least 3000 people) so i go up stairs where the smokers lounge is and just try to get out of the dance floor since there is no way i'm going to get any game in there since its super loud and everyone is dancing!
So as soon as i get there i approach a mix set of 5 . 3 girls and 2 guys . two hb9 and hb7
I use a prop lighter that doesn't work to light my cigaret and ask them for a light . One of the guys gives me a light and i run an esp test 1-10 on one of the guys and i get it right (he choose 7 )
i do the same to one of the girls and i say 3 and it was 3 ( i live for these moment where i get it right , since i been doing this trick since i was 16 since my boss did it to me and explained it to me ). and now they are amazed , then i said that i can read palms and separated one of the hb9 from the group for more light .
Im doing the reading and all of the sudden one of the guys from the group show's up ,so i figure its the bf and i was correct !
so then i do the cube to her in front of the guy i get i dead on and we part our ways !
Then i look around and i see another mixed set of 4 one HB 9 and hb8 ( hb9 was latino looking and short and the hb8 was short dark hair and was wearing you only live once )
So i open up with the esp 1-10 test (it was the only way i opened all night and by the end of the night i was very good at it ) I get it wrong ( no matter i thought ) I said to them that i'm better at palm reading to them! I tell the Hb9 that she can die soon (lol) and Hb8 that she will have 3 kids ) then i ran a cube on hb8 and i went good
Hb8 started to demand that i would add her on facebook and i asked her what area are they in ! She answered that they live 2 hr away and i said that i probably wont ever see each other again so there is no point we took some pictures together ( my story so i could rub it in my friends face for ditching me , story was made up) and we separate
I go downstairs look at the situation get covered in paint ( thats why they were wearing white shirts its a paint party , shouldn't have wore my new shoes ) grab a redbull and go up to the smokers lounge again ( i spent the whole night at the smokers lounge ,since it was a big show brand new people keeped coming in and the smokers lounge is huge its a balcony type thing with its own bar and heaters easy can fit 200 people and they have djs there once in awhile cool place)
So i get approached by these guys looking for (molly ) i tell them i haven't seen her ,so immediately i remember the " Do i look like a drug dealer line "
SO i approach a two set they were right next to a 7 set of all girls so i thought have fun with the two set first and smooth in into the large group.
so i open with the drug dealer line and did my 1-10 esp test there is a hb10 and a guy ( ended up being the bf)
i do the cube on her the guy laughs cuz its all dead on and im calling his girl lazy and stuff, we all exchange numbers ( they were really cool ), and i open to the large group
The large group was the only mean group.
right away one of the girls was like what do you f****ing want ?
and i was just to have a good time and talk to strangers
so i find out that they are from chicago ( oh boy)
one of the girls ended up saying that she is lithuanian (she over heard me from my other group) and i was like "let the games begin' in my mind ,since i was born and raised in lithuania!
So i try talking in lithuanian to her
and she was like " oh i don't speak Lithuanian" WHile this is going on the crazy girl that told me go f*8k myself a bit ago screaming to this girls face yelling don't say anything , and blah blah blah, totally ruining my game ( try to do the cube and this girl all in my face don't ask her that or don't answer that ) they finally leave and i was so glad (just drained , trying to control my temper ). the two set from previously walked up to me and called them bit88hes , and told me i was the nicest guy ever and that they wouldn't give me a chance to speak
so i go in farther to the smoking lounge since there are 3 parts to it the main and two sides to it
so i open to 7 set 5 girls 2 guys same thing esp test, and get it wrong . palm reading ,get it right cube was 80 % accurate and a the lie game where they lie to me and i find out which lie it. By using NLP and reading their eye movements get it right is find out one of the girls is getting married and stuff , nothing exiting in this group and i leave
I open to an adjacent group there is one hb9 short asian girl surrounded by guys !
SO i start talking do the esp i get it right two times in the row , she got the bambi eyes
she tells me to do something else and i tell her i can do palm reading tell her she will have 3 kids ( as soon as i said that she said not with him and points to her bf)
so i find out that she has a bf and he is just ignoring her , i find out the guy has 2 kids.
SO i start doing thew cube to her and she is amazed and then her bf shows up and asks me who the f i am
So i tell him that " I am psychic reader and i told him that for instance he has 2 kids both boys and that he is 28 ( all information was picked up while talking to the girl and stuff)
the guy is oh okay and just walks away the girl hand me her phone number before they leave ( mind you that this is a smoking lounge and most people will be there for 10 min tops )
SO i light up a new cig and walk up to these two hb9 and some friends we talk i run my routines , they hand me a bowl of (pot) i politely declined and i removed myself from the situation , went to the bathroom , took a leak , and by the bathrooms was a girl started talking to her exchange bracelets and her bf shows up, we talk for a bit and i leave
I go up stairs to the smokers lounge and the group that i opened up first approached me and and one of the girls was like why dont i cube her and ( at that point i was like whatever ) so once again i was using this over used cube and i get it right ( i also ended up guessing that she is an Aquarius) and she is super into the horoscope stuff . she starts to show io's her friends leave us and we ended up just talking for the rest of the night just sitting next to each other talking about litteraly everything ( aliens , government conspiracy theories ,gmo, all kinds of stuff )
we exchange numbers and she started texting me before i even had a chance to get to my car.
I start up my car i get a text from the asian girl inviting me to a party so i go there 60 milles later i was at this so called party "
SO boy o boy did I almost pissed myself from fear!
A GUY OPENS UP THE DOOR DRESSED IN SCRUBS (like a freaking doctor or something )
there is white substance being chopped up on a table and they offer me some (i ask what ist it and they tell me its KETAMINE) so i said no ketamine is for horses do i look LIke F88king horse to you ?
anyway despite the fear for my lethal organs i decide to stay . there were literally no other girls at this so called party only guys and this b9 asian . so talk to her and few other people and left . got home and it was literally 6 in the morning and went to bed .
SO that was about it i never asked for a number , my goal was to only approach , ended up taking photos with girls , all numbers i got were given to me first i just went with the flow , and there were other interaction but they weren't significant enough to even mention ( a lot of people were approaching me and asking for drugs) anyway it was a great success for me i have never talked to that many strangers in my entire life and i felt amazing.