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    PlayBoy Lucky Guest

    Cool older women need love to

    Whats up fellow mpua im playboy lucky i have just found the community due to one of ur gura styles .but i have been a natuarl all my life,. i just picked up and older chick. i sarges her so well that 3 days later im invited over to her new home i forgot to tell yall im 30 she 50 yea her son who i just met is 33 and she has a daugther that 24 but me being a mpua help me mange the situation perfect i love what i do and its great to know there is a lot of people that love this shit to amen hit me up some time anyone im trying to get to know all my fellow gurus

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    PlayBoy Lucky Guest


    now the son who is 3 years older then me is asking his momma about us .question my age and motive .so last night she invited me over to her old house where the family still lives with there father .so i knew it was time to man up. im a joker by nature .i had masterd cokey funny before i knew what it was. but tonight i knew i had to leave that shit at home. one false move or to many laughs and i losted all cool points . so i was short with all answer and asked no question at the end of the night they all were begging for att from me after dinner the 50 year old told me how inpressed she was and that she was falling hard for me

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    Wow man, not sure what to say?

    Have you hit it yet? I would be completly curious what she is like in bed!

    How did you meet her? What does she look like?



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