Not sure if this is a field report or just a brag as Im feeling pretty fucking good.

After a day in Leicester of some pretty crap day game, I went out around Nottingham tonight. Instead of hitting the normal clubs, I went to the more trendy places and genrally the women were 8 - 10's. So it was a lot better, I find myself approaching hotter women now, and just ignoring the riff raff.

Anyway after my wingman drove home, I decided to hit one of my old haunts in Nottingham, Revival. I just walked in, I didnt give a fuck that I was by myself. I walked up to the bar, and there was a woman probably a 7 stood there. I cant even remember what I said, I just know that I started with the cocky funny and it got to the point where she laughed even if it wasnt funny.

I was indirect and she actually accused me of being gay. So I just rammed my tongue down her throat and placed her hand on my cock (over my jeans). She did not object, which is probably a good thing.

Eventually the chat got round to me going to hers or her coming to mine. She said she didnt want to, because she didnt want to be a whore. I was just like "we dont have to do anything we can just cuddle and chat". She was like "But I want sex". I was like so whats the problem then.

ANyway after about 5 minutes of this over and over again, we left. We walked down the road and she was "Im gonna go back to my mates, I feel like a slag". I just said "fine lets go back" and just led her on. Then she was " Oh but Im tired I wanna go back with you". So I dragged her to the taxi. This cycle repeated itself a few times.

Anyway I got her back to mine. Then she was "I feel a whore", so I sat her down in front of the TV and switched it on. Then sat on a totally different chair and told her it was my favourite TV show (I havnt a scoobies what it was). She got bored and said she was tired and wanted to lay down. I showed her my bed. She definately was not tired....