Okay guys I am about to tell you about my killer night but a forewarning the ending is bittersweet but the rest was just magical.

Making the Magic happen
Called in my wing I met 2 nights ago for backup. My wing showed thankfully. So I was waiting to open till he got there. As I was waiting I ran game on my homegirl (HB9 Bartender) I always talk about on here. Basically we hit it off like always. We did the normal expected Kino handholding. She has a BF as I mentioned. Basically a lot of stuff went down but let me summarize.

She always finds out what me and her BF talk about somehow. So her BF added me on FB 2 days ago and she found out about it. I told her my wing was on the list but I always have yo pay. She was like what's up I'll get you in free add me on FB. Huge attraction signal there but I found her on FB today but didn't want to mention it. Now that's pretty obvious of her to totally put me in her reserves. I guessed right about not bringing up the FB thing because I had a feeling she would mention it. Either way awesome set with my homegirl as always.

Getting tore up
So I told my wing we were starting @ 11 and in the mean time I was scoping out the potential sets. I could already tell it was going to be stellar by the looks of it since I saw like 3 good sets at like 10. So I got yo my wing and he is working on some girls. So I was like cool I will be back and work on some of my own.

So I opened a good looking 3 Set I saw earlier. Did the Dancefloor approach (Dancefloor game guys for those interested). Basically my method for Dancefloor game is pretty tight. No hard questions, no big statements, just quick and easy. So i was like hey are you having a good time, she was like yeah, not really jiving so I said how are you? All polite. I said what do you want to do dance, or what? She was like no this is my girl. I was like your girl for real or just friend. She was like I am being real. Sweet I was like whatever and ejected.

Walked away thought of something witty (my destruction mode) so I ran it on this HB7.
So I re-opened using the mini-bounce technique to isolate away from the friends and said hey come with me upstairs. She was like no. I was like I give you 10 min and she didn't show.

So I had my wing open her and she blew him out too but almost instantly. My wing told me he over heard her talking smack about me saying some Creepy guy tried to get her to go upstairs. Well my destruction mode has worked wonders before so I will keep using it.

Tearing it up
So after the blow out I was in a state of self-amusement where I was just going to hit it hard. I told my wing this and he was with it. So I had my wing open a couple and I opened a couple. It was nice cuz my wing pushed me to open girls I didn't notice but then found attractive. One girl (HB8) almost gave into me but I couldn't handle her because she kept saying she wanted girls to party with not guys.

So then I saw the dimepiece. And this is where the magic happened. Saw her as a moving 2 Set. I know better to open moving targets so I hung back and think I just ignored them a couple of minutes not sure. All of a sudden I saw my opening since they were at the Bar.

So yes I opened the dimepiece at the Bar where my homegirl was at (Perfect dhv) and my first impression with her and any dimepiece was "she would never go for me". I think this with all dimepieces but still she was worth the risk. aa was not a factor as I said before I approach out of habit now. It was just my inner game that I was struggling with so I opened the HB9 Dimepiece. She went nuts in a good way and blew me by surprise. Here's how it went down.

HB9 Dimepiece Set
I used my favorite opener on her Situational Indirect. At this point I was in the zone after opening so many sets (at least 3) and I was just like super freak mode. Here goes!
I uttered the first thing that came to mind using a Situational Indirect Opener.

ME: Hey I didn't want to lose the chance to talk to you.
HB9: OMG thank you so much, douchbags have been hitting on me all night and I am so bored sitting in the VIP with guys all over me.
ME: Aww you poor thing
ME: You're adorable
HB9: Yeah because I have perfect teeth.
HB9 introduces herself, asks for my name, introduces her girlfriend. I go back on the target after meeting the friend.
HB9: Yeah I am Bi but I like guys more.
ME: Baby I want to fark you so bad right now.
HB9: silence
ME: I'm getting your number.
I knew I couldn't isolate the Dimepiece so I had to take what I can get.
HB9: You are?
ME: Yeah I am going to turn you on
HB9: Good cuz it's working.
HB9: Don't text till the morning.

Whew! Never thought I would have a chick all over me like that cuz she put her arm all around me when I ran my opener and gave me Kino.
Wow!I can't believe how fast that happened and how much I killed it. IOI's through the roof and when I said I wanted to d
Fark her she got turned on by it cuz I wasn't needy or horny she was just turning me on like mad and it got her worked up too. This is how I was congruent. The thing I have been trying to work on! By the got the Dimepiece's #.

Moving On
Opened the HB9 Cocktail waitress outside smoking. Did Kino on her and she felt good. I was walking with her and knew she could disappear cuz she was working. N-closed her since make out was not happening. She was like I don't know you. I was like I want to get to know you (perfect comeback) She starts laughing and says "Maybe we'll run into each other". Which was a passive IOI. Yeah couldn't find her after that. Saw her in a mob of people but that was just suicide without any isolation.

The Bittersweet Ending
So I thought I was done and I was so in the zone not allowing success or failure to hinder or help my inner game. I was just on it. So I did another Dancefloor Approach on another HB8.

So I asked if she was having fun, having a good time (My dance floor opener). She was distant and said she would dance with me cuz she was already dancing. I asked her to dance as well. So I ejected with intention of walking away and another witty comment came to me. I approached ber for Round 2.

Round 2
I said if she was going to play hard to get then dance with me. So we start grinding. She walks off then follows me and waits by the stairs for me to come out (subtle)

Round 3
Knowing she was waiting for me I knew exactly what she was up to. I said one last chance give me your number, she said okay and I got it.

Juggling women
I had to say bye to my homegirl and HB8 was waiting by the door for F-close and I had to say bye but juggling so many women and wasn't quick enough and F-close left. Shoot almost perfect. Waiting F-close has a BF and wanted to fark! Why am I so blind!