My most successful sarges occur when I am totally focused, relaxed, and receptive. I allow the atmosphere to flow through me so I may project a strong positivity that compliments the situation. A mans strength and confidence are his foundation.

Demonstrate you have a strong one!

If you can let go and stay in the moment you will achieve more than you can imagine. That IS what this is all about...human interaction.

With this mind set in place you are ready to conquer. Our tried and true techniques will have devastating impact.

Here is my favorite recent example. I will demonstrate:
-Assessing the scenario.
-Choosing a good time to open.
-Breaking into a set.
-Proper use of proximity and posture.
-Transition to seduction
-Reading what she is really saying.
-Closing strong.

I enter my favorite quiet bar for a late dinner and a drink. I see a stunning backside leaning into the kitchen. I am impressed and even hungrier. She turns around. She is an olive-skinned beauty in top form. I am ready for my meal. She returns to her seat and sits next to her nerdy male friend who obviously loves her. They are having a conversation about the TV Show 24.

At this moment most men will shy away because there is a man with her. Relax and observe the situation for what it REALLY is:

- Out with a male friend alone = no life, no boyfriend, bored
- At the bar = wants to party/get picked up
- Male friend is obviously platonic = might as well be her sister

After that observation I have NO FEAR.

I get ready to open. Remember two things:

1. Don't wait long. It has to look spontaneous.
2. Never open to the target in any set.

I listen briefly to their conversation so I can find a chance to laugh and chime in. I laugh at a comment her male friend made, not her. I tell him a funny Keifer Sutherland story I know. She loves 24 and loved my story.

As I told my story, I mainly spoke to her male friend who was sitting between myself and the target. I continued in further conversation, joking around with her man-sister. I keep my eyes on him most of the time. It is important to gain a repoire with a set.

She is laughing and enjoying herself. She reaches over him to shake my hand and introduce herself. She engaged me. I'm still harmless to her friend.

Fly under the radar.

They invite me outside for a smoke. I choose to stand with the guy in between us. I keep joking, having fun, and not flirting! I maintain a fun, easy-going exterior to not put any ones defenses up.

We return inside.

Now I can rework my proximity and posture. I choose to have a drink and talk with them while standing in between the two. I lean my body slightly towards the male. I lean back in a relaxed posture often. I love this posture when meeting women. I look laid-back, non-confrontational, and like I don't need them. I am not leaning forward! You look aggressive, needy, and desperate in this posture. I am rubbing elbows with her in 15 minutes without her male friend becoming alarmed.

I own them.

I am now free to make more subtle eye contact, smiles, and playful caresses as we all laugh. Start by gently slapping her arm when she teases you. Soon, you can playfully run your fingers across her back. Its very flirtatious and is out of eye shot.

We proceed outside for a second break.

I choose this time to speak with her more than her male friend. Time to transition to a personal connection and start seducing.

(For example)
"I thought I saw you working at the bail bonds place last they give good benefits?"

Silly as that comment is (and a playful neg) it will kickoff a more personal conversation with her. I keep turning to her friend to keep him involved but it is slowly becoming our conversation.

As we walk inside I take the seat that places her in-between myself and boy-sister. I continue OUR conversation. She now has his back turned to him. He has been shut out, she is focused on me, and he is politely waiting his turn.

I own her.

Listen to what she says in these moments. She will give you a world of knowledge to use on her.

"I have this guy hanging around. He's sweet but just my friend", means she's single and letting you know it.

"I keep getting asked out by weirdos. Why can't I meet a nice normal guy to take me out?!", means she's attracted and wants to go out with you on a date. I immediately told her we should go out soon. She quickly agreed.

Success? There's still far more that's possible.

She's talking about her love life and she's attracted. It's time to get her alone and make that move. I invite her outside without him for a smoke. She continues to whine about the lame guys she meets. Without hesitation, I look her in the eye and say, "You know the first thing I thought of when I saw you?"


I immediately kiss her. We make-out hard for awhile. We leave the bar and Mr. Sis behind for my place.

It took 45 minutes.