Gentlemen, I realllly screwed the pooch on this one. After a week and weekend of reading and studying PUA methods, then getting my first One Night Stand the night before, I think I got a little big for my britches…lol. Anyway,

field report: Disastrous “Date” with Bartender
To read up on the bartender saga, here are some links

Now, to begin the pitiful end. So, the evening started off pretty bad. I probably should have bailed at the start. We had made plans for me to pick her up at her place, but she changed those to meeting at the bar she works at. Not a big deal for me, saved me plenty of gas. We agreed to meet at a specific time, so I got there a few minutes after the time we agreed to. She wasn’t there. About 5 mins goes by and she tells me that she’s going to be late, she had “forgot about a dinner get together with her boss and some of the other bartenders, and we haven’t gotten our check yet”. Right away I smell bullsh1t. I didn’t call her on it, instead saying something like “no worries…blah blah blah”. I figured if she wasn’t there within 15-30 mins, I would have just gone to the comedy club on my own.
She finally shows up…within a few mins of when I was gonna leave. Ok, so cool, she shows up…I’m thinking I can finally stop doing this damn texting bs with her and get some face time and try out some of these routines Ive read about on here. Well, she sits within arms reach of me, but definitely not close. So I lean back while I talk with her…trying to get her to come closer. She leans back herself. We get a round of beer before leaving . We start BSing with the bartender, and the chick I was with says something like “We’re going to the comedy club…come find me if I don’t come back….blah blah blah”. I played along with it…giving her sh1t…but I was thinking…wtf…what the fark have I done that would even given her that impression??? I’m sure she was messing with me….but it was …..weird.

Anyways, we get to the comedy club, and it starts pourrrrring. Great, now we’re wet….and not in the good way. We take our seats, we’re at the very front, right at the stage. We get our beer, she says she’ll get the beer since I paid for the tickets. So, once we’re sitting, I lean back, but so does she. I made some small talk, trying to get her to talk…no joy. So I pull out the cube. She lit up like a Christmas tree. Fully engaged, leaned forward, etc. I put my hands out…she put hers in them…so that was good…but she seemed unsure about it, so I “dropped/threw” her hands away…dunno if I did that right though. Continued going through the cube…but the comedian came on before we could finish. Once the comedian was done, we went back to the bar she works at. While we were leaving, she was walking faster then I would have thought. My thoughts are she wanted to get back with her group. I don’t think I did anything to really cause her to walk fast. Eh…oh well.
Anyways, at her bar, she went and hung out with her friends, and really didn’t hang with me too much. So…epic failure.

Lessons learned:
1 – Just because you have one good night, doesn’t mean you are king. I got knocked back down to reality on this night.
2 – I made the mistake of making the first “date” going somewhere where physical touch and conversation can’t really be had. I should have taken her somewhere like Dave and Busters, where there’s games and drinking and go-carts…blah blah. Much more interactive and the potential to be able to concentrate on the game.