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    wally3182 Guest

    Exclamation Need some advice


    I went to a bar tonight met an HB7-8 and made good conversation with her.

    Now, after a while I got a little nervous and started saying some slightly wild things. Now these are things that would have gone well with guys, but with a girl it was a bit excessive.

    The question that I have is as follows, are there any simple rules or guidelines out there to calibrate how comfortable you can start feeling with a girl... I find it to be a tricky balancing game, if I am too cautious, I come off as standoffish, otherwise I come off as too enthusiastic.

    Anyone have any advice on calibration?

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    Christian Guest


    Hey Wally, best advice I have to you is to keep doing what you're doing. I used to be great at talking to adults when I was a kid - I think the formality made it easy for me - but for many many years, I had difficulties with people my age. This is a learning process, and the best you can do is keep pushing the limits, trying different types of humor, and seeing what works for you. Try watching some comedians you find funny - I always liked Russell Brand (search for him on YouTube).

    The more feedback you get, the more you pay attention, the more calibrated you'll become. I'd highly suggest checking out unbreakable, as we get REALLY deep into the nitty-gritty of the rules you're looking for.


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