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Everyone is different and different strokes for different folks but I've ALWAYS had better success with women by being direct. One night we were out and my wing and I saw and amazingly hot gal walk into the crowded bar and we both HAD to pull her aside and tell her she was amazing looking. Her SUPER DUPER hot friend behind her heard us and looked down because we didn't say anything to her (she was hot, but she was behind her hot friend and we just didn't notice her at first).

I immediately whispered in her ear as I pulled her close... "Damn - you are hot" (with a sly smile as I walked past her and away).

I had a this is fun, she is cute and I am not concerned if she likes me or not attitude.

As I was leaving to change venue, I walked up to her and said "We are taking off, but I need your number" and handed her my phone and briefly kissed her after she entered it in her phone in front of everyone as I left the bar with my boys a few moments later.

(Slept with her two nights later after I met her for a drink at my place)...
@ Bill
good man
I'm glad that you didn't deal with flaky situations

Although I am improving with phone game and have good follow up game, I get more flakes from direct approaches and brief interactions with # closes within 2 mins.

Maybe it differes on the type of girls - most of the girls that I meet are college girls around 19-21ish..