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Thread: My weekend, back to basics. Feel free to critique.

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    Default My weekend, back to basics. Feel free to critique.

    Hello once again

    Anyone is welcome to critique my style. Wanting to get better, so if anyone sees something I should work on, comment!

    Well, going from my ups and downs these past few weeks, I decided I was biting off more than I could chew. Messing up routines and not having a solid foundation to pick up women. I have a natural tendency to be flirty, but I’ve found I need to have more than that. I’m not seducing women, I’m just talking to them, which gets me nowhere. I also have a bit of indecision/anxiety when it comes to approaching women. I think the thing that gets me is I don’t know who to target or how to adapt from choosing a bad target and going for her friends…etc. I’d like to learn what sets might offer the best opportunities…

    So this past weekend I decided to just work on approaching women. Not caring about the end game. I was semi successful. I approached at least 10 women (which isn’t that big of a number, but just trying to start off slowly, get the confidence up).

    I walked around the different bars with a smile on my face, usually smiling at someone’s drunk antics since it can be a bit hard for me to just fake smile. I usually just talked to women when I went up to order a beer. Just did a simple “How’s it going, what’s your name/s?” Then continued to talk to them for a bit and then ended the convo and walked away to talk to someone else. Like I said, the goal for this weekend was to just approach women. Not trying to do anything else. I had a couple of chicks wave me over to come talk to them. I don’t know if they saw me talking to other women and that’s why…or if it was something else. Probably over thinking that.

    I also had a few chicks eyeing me from across the other side of the bar. I know I’m going to have to work on that, I didn’t approach them because I held eye contact with them, and hesitated because I wasn’t sure how to open those types of sets. To me, it would just seem weird to walk all the way around the bar after having a 3 second eye contact and talk to them. I think I hesitated because there was that eye contact, but since she was a ways away, and there were people around me, I thought there might have been a chance she was eyeing someone else.

    On Saturday, I went to a different bar, with the same goal in mind, just approaching women. Talked to a few, they actually bought me a few drinks. There was one girl there, her friend kept leaving her at the bar, so I did some playful flirting, gave her a few compliments…like “your eyes are…really…whoa”, teased her about being shy…but that I thought there was more to her …etc. But right in the middle of the flirting, I got up and said, hey it was nice to meet you, I’m going to meet some friends at another bar. She grabbed my hand and took my phone out of my hand and was like…”you havvvve to have my number”. I totally forgot what her name was, I had been meeting women all night and was starting to get the names mixed up, but when she put her number in my phone…haha…I was like…nice, didn’t have to make myself look like an idiot.

    1 – I need to learn how to choose a target/set. I’m still having issues going up to chicks in a group mixed with guys. Need to learn if a woman would be more open to conversation or if she’s just a social butterfly. Baby steps… baby steps.

    2 – Need to learn more about the female body language when it comes to eye contact. Need to learn how to approach said woman without it looking or feeling awkward. I have a few idea’s:
    - Open a set nearby her, then after a few mins, go up to the bar to order a drink and come up next to her.
    - Wave or acknowledge “someone” behind her, and if she waves/acknowledge back…give her a funny look, or motion that I’m waving to someone behind her in the crowd. Kind of like, no, I’m not talking to you…I’m talking to the person behind you. Walk into the crowd, out of her sight, then come back near her and get a drink. If my explanation makes any sense.

    3 – Need to learn how and, more importantly, when to escalate sexually. I’m naturally flirty. So my “beginning” middle game is decent. My beginning game sucks, because I don’t know who to approach. I don’t have problems actually talking to a chick, but just going up to a random stranger…makes me nervous…because I don’t know if she’s there with her BF, Husband…etc. I’ve done that a few times…kind of awkward. My “end” middle game sucks because I don’t know how to go to the next level of seduction, and there for my end game sucks, because I always mess up in that end middle game. Dunno if that makes sense…

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    Default Re: My weekend, back to basics. Feel free to critique.

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    Default Re: My weekend, back to basics. Feel free to critique.

    Funny how it works?

    You got the "semi succsessfull" (pretty good-results) because you took off the "agenda" behind approaching women.

    They smell that a mile away.

    Once you introduced freedom of outcome in your vibe, your results got better. (Even if your thirsty for more results.)
    Depending how long you plan on staying in the venue this is how I do it.

    Keep interactions (Men and Women,Everyone) light and breezy
    Minimise time in between interactions (with in reason.)
    Then ramp up the escalation progressively during the night.

    Eye contact for more then 3 seconds means, approach.

    This is my biggest sticking point. You do have to move swiftly when this happens...

    When a women buys you a drink well...thats a massive ioi, your call if you want to proceed with gaming her or maybe even use that as a ego boost/social proof to talk with different women.

    Be creative.

    Don't "Choose a target" They all are targets.

    Assume attraction! Be entitled to game everyone, and test for chemistry with girls.

    A girls interest is flexable. Meaning if you started an interaction and lets say you choose to end it, you can reopen and reset her interest again.

    Find your rhythm/pace in your interactions. Your a man with options after all.

    Mixed set can be fun!

    If I can't figure out the relationships of the mixed sets, I go in indirect.
    I've even asked the target directly after greeting.

    "Hey,who are those guys with you
    Do you know them?"
    "Are those your friends?"

    She will let you know.

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