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Thread: BlackSheep Reporting

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    Post BlackSheep Reporting

    Gentlemen, BlackSheep here(please check my intro for background), I just joined the PUA Community, and would like to share with you my first field report.

    Now this happened about 2 months ago, so I don't remember much of the conversation, but I have been trying to understand what I did right that time and trying to learn from it. I'll make it as quick as possible

    It was Friday night and I didn't feel like staying home. Besides, i was trying to be more active. I called out to a friend and we arranged to meet at a Bar/Club for some drinks and hopefully some fun.

    I was wearing a purple, short sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up over my biceps (I work out regularly, but not obsessively).

    Went to the bathroom and came back to see my friend talking to a Two Set (he's a bit more outgoing than I).

    He introduced me to the ladies, we shook hands, said "Hey" and continued the chat. Me and my friends are good Latin dancers (I'm a private teacher) and so we we're confident asking the girls to dance and we know how

    I spent the night dancing with one of the girls (while my friend pursued her friend) and she was grinding on me like crazy (common here in the caribbean) but I sensed that she was not just "Dancing" with me, I felt she was doing it with a purpose.

    But soon I realized that I could hold her tight by her hips and thighs with no resistance whatsoever. Looks like she was either into me, didn't see me as creepy or was regular dancing for her.

    As I said this was a while back, so I don't remember much conversation that we had, but I was fearless that night.

    Near the end, she was drinking water and mentioned she likes ice, I grabbed one from the cup and placed it on her lips. after she swallowed it, I asked if i could have one too. She handed me one with her hand, i refused and said "i want one from your lips", and so she did.

    Afterwards I grabbed another ice, rubbed it around her cheeks, below the neck, above her breast (above the opening on her shirt) and popped it in her mouth, and then asked her for another. we we're basically kissing now

    Afterwards on the parking lot, I asked her if I could kiss come over to her place, and she said No, so I asked her for her number and we kissed goodbye

    We kept texting the next day, went to the cinema that next week, I put my hand in her privates during a late night at a bar and we had sex by the weekend. Now we're having just casual sex

    Later, on one of our get-togethers, she told me that guys who ask to go home with her on the first night are an instant turn off, but then shes having sex with me...which makes me wonder what did i do right that night, or did i just make up for it on the following nights

    She's also told me she likes my muscles so maybe it's just that

    Your thoughts?...

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    Default Re: BlackSheep Reporting

    Call me old fashioned...but I don't recommmend asking to go straight to her place...even if the interaction is doing well..

    It always means sex.

    Rather, get her to commit to an Instant Date first.

    "Hey, you hungry? Lets go to the Blah Blah Blah dinner"

    Then escalate as much as you can (as much as she is compliant to) and let the physical escalation be your vehicle into her bedroom,without you verbalising it.
    Your still trying to get into her bedroom but with out triggering her "anti-slut" defense.

    You did everything right basically. She was turned off at the fact you were forward enough to ask to go straight to her place. However...

    Since she does like you, she was willing to allow it, and still be attracted.

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