Saturday, sarging all day in San Fran. My states already high and im at the Electric Run. A fun 5k run thats also a rave! Everyone is dressed in glow gear and is pumped up. I have my gopro on and the people love it. Im the gopro guy and I literally walked around before and opened like 20 sets. I just walk up and say Smile for the camera! I can meet whoever I want. Talk a little and Kino and flirt. So farking easy! I know that the camera is a crutch but I didnt care.

So on to the good stuff. The race is about to start. Im talking to a couple of girls near by. Short banter and some teasing. One is a dark girl and the other looks a little of an asian mix both id say HB8's. I also open this girl and her friends in front because they have awesome outfits. As we run I keep running into these two girls. She ran in front and I said don't worry im totally checking out your ass! We keep finding eachother on the course. So when the run is over im over at the taco stand and I had just walked over grabbing some dhv photos with these other girls. I see them two and I open them again and I got some pictures with the two. Arms around them and when the dark girl turned for a phone call I talked with the asian mix. I said I was a sucker for brunettes and gave eye contact. We go over to this mural wall and get more photos and I keep up the kino and fun vibe. We are cold as its freezing, another excuse for kino. I pull them over to the dance area.( rave) We are dancing and the dark girl isnt happy with the place we are in. She'll dance for a minute and stop and look around. But that doesn't matter I'm having my own fun and my girl's dancing. I project my fun vibe. We talk about how the area isnt good. Im like there's 10,000 people here look around. Oh wait you're short here. I pick her up so she can look around. Later I try to give her my number (phones in the car) but her phone was dropped and wasnt working. I gave it to the dark girl and I have already added them on instagram. They have to leave to go find some friend but when the dark girl walks away I pull her in and give her a hug. I pull her out and kiss close, short make out and tell her I want to see her again when im in SF. Jesus good night. Got some other numbers and lots of good footage of the event. All in all an amazing day and im tired. Got a day 2 tomorrow. Peace out