Wasn't trying to game but interesting Sh1t Test happened. I was in a good state just ate lunch was walkin around the shopping center just browsin/chillin by myself, an adventure if you will. I bought some cigarettes I needed a lighter one of the store workers was smokin outside. A bit older maybe 30 kinda eat up maybe some meth use in there, probably used to be cute but meh.

I ask her for a light with that being my only intention.

Her: what are you gonna use it for
Me: ... To light a cigarette
Her: how old are you? I need to see an ID

Immediately I'm like wtf I'm young but im 21 I have a massive beard right now, and she just saw me pull the cigs out of the cvs bag. Alarm bells go off, code red sh1t test motha farka. A sh1t test right off the bat and immediately I recognize I am not going to allow her to control the frame like this.

Me: No
Her: I need to see it.
Me: nah. How bout you just give it to me
Her: they have matches inside
Me: nah
fark it i reach for the lighter, she grabs it and moves it away
Her: matches matches matches *as she is moving the lighter out of my reach

Lolol. I look at her for a sec like wtf and then just turn around and leave go back to my car and proceed about with my day. Her games do not impress me. Ya I had a lighter in the car

If I was actually interested i figure I woulda sat down by her been like whatever i don't need one and started flirting. I woulda got the lighter from her eventually, and then some. I'm not interested though and i enjoy the feeling of walking off, Ryan gosling in Drive type sh1t

I observe two important things here, sh1t test and frame control. Thanks to RB or whoever wrote that great thread on that, i read it recently and recognized that sh1t immediately. I start the frame I'm having a chill day out by myself just want a cig, she tries to change it by pulling the ID bullsh1t. She's screening me. If I buy her bullsh1t and show her the ID it immediately shows I'm a beta pussy. Instead i pass the sh1t test and she sees me as a potential mate. Too bad for her I don't have time for her games. I just want a damn cig