Okay so I had a pretty rough night at the Club the other day. First off the Club was pretty dead. Only 2 good sets all night. Saw my wing working on a HB8 and when he left I opened her.

I said she was coming on to me to which she giggled and asked her if she wanted to grind later to which she said a cheerful yes. I told her my new psuedo pick up name, LOL worked like a charm. Going to be using fake personality names from now on for some of these HB's since that was so funny and they always say they forget me. But now they'll never forget such a interesting name like that I suppose.

Got the HB8's # and tested it (due to flaky #'s) she dlv'd me saying she had a boy but gives me her number like a true playette so I told her I ain't texting her for 2 weeks. My pseudo pick up name by the way has nothing to do with pick up by the way.

I haven't texted her since the Club and she saved my number. Funny I am already losing interest in her. Don't know if I will lift the Freeze Out or not.

Opened the only other good set in the house. Went AFC and used my killer opener that got me IOI's through the roof last time and made me a hero "Hey I didn't want to lose the chance to talk to you." Long story short I went Beta after failing a couple of sh!t tests. I moved over to another guy (going Beta and bad body language) and she immediately starts coming on to him not like me at all and he pulled her hair and had her after that.

I allowed this to happen since I was working on her before him and when she said she "had a guy" she was sh!t testing me cuz no guy was around I went Beta and believed her and thought it was the guy next to her when it wasn't therefore I cut myself off at the knees and lost her. Pretty mixed results overall. The girl I went Beta on was an HB8 I wasn't really jiving with at all since the get go. But I seen HB's flip like a pancake before after like 3 opens or so when I start getting in a grove and playing hard to get back the bad part is I wasn't playing hard to get back with this broad just desperate and acting AFC. Man I think my bad delivery on the opener killed my confidence throughout the rest of the set. I am normally pre-planning that stuff and killing it but I was just feeling too weak.