Fuck...I haven't written one of these things in a MINUTE, son.

I'm just writing this one out to help keep notes on shit I did right and did wrong. Does that make sense you fuckin' creeps? LOL!!

So I use myspace as a tool to promote and have been adding girls like CRAZY, especially ones that live in my area. I get hit up last weeks by some chick asking to get on my list. Something comes up and no show. All good 'Cause they just need to drop my name at the door anyways rather than having a list of names and how many guests. Kinda makes things simple.

This week, I send out my texts letting people know where I'ma be at and I get hit back about my Friday spot. No go, I'm looking for another spot, I only have a Thursday or Saturday for her. She's down with coming that night, Thursday (which was last night.)

We text back n' forth while I'm there, then she finally arrives. She gets to my table and I look at her and was like, "DAYUM! Jackpot!!!" Chick was this thin ass Hispanic girl standing pretty tall and she has a cute as fuck smile. So I walk her and her friend over and pour the both of them a drink and chat it up. After they're done drinking and talking they take off to the dance floor.

They get back and I introduce the both of them to King Kong and he turns to me and says, "She's down." LOL!!!! I was like, "Eh, really? You think?" My mind was so focussed on this next sarge-a-thon I wasn't really paying attention. LOL!

He takes off and I chat it up with her and her friend, but her friend was whatever. I turned up the Kino like CRAZY. I was pulling her into me and grabbing her by the hips trying to make our bodies touch, which they were but she was kinda turning at an angle. I knew with that I didn't build enough attraction, so I pushed her off and called her a creep. LOL...

After I pushed her off she told me she could beat me up and started flexing her skinny lil arms and then she turned around to show me her back muscles. LOL! I didn't see any so I slapped her ass and told her she's a fibber. When she turned around she pushed me, but my ass was up against a couch and almost fell on it, as I'm getting up she tries again but I pull her in close to me and continue to talk smack.

Later I was out near the dance floor and found her and her friend, I told Statuss66 (who promotes with me now) to come wing the thick friend. He does and I again...up the Kino like crazy. I was pulling her in and talking into her ear telling her she's mean and not nice. LOL I realize I'm not locked in so I lean up against one of the pillars? LOL in the club and pulled her body up against mine. This time as I was done talking I'd start to kiss her cheeks and near her eyes, like off to the side. She was eating it up, but then I hear Status say, "I'ma go find my friends." JEEZUS!!! Okay, good lookin' out. LOL

Third time's a charm, right?

We walk back to my table where random people my partner brought are chillin' and I sit down next to my boy WM to see what he's up to and my girl and her friend sit across the way from me. I don't let it faze me any and continue to talk to my boy about his chick for the night and if he is down for promoting with us on Thursdays.

After we're done my boy gets up and leaves so I call my chick over. Her friend is sitting solo so I call her over as well. I'm chatting away with my target and busting on her telling her I'ma have security escort her out and all this bs. Her friend decides to leave and when she does my target gets up and sits on my lap.

I'm sitting there talking to her and at the same time I'm rubbing her thighs just looking at her mouth as she speaks, thinking, "Damn, she's a cutie." So I'm rubbing her thighs and then finally I kinda feel the hair on her legs like she hasn't shaved in a day or two so I pull her in and tell her, "If I wanted to run my tongue all up and down your legs...I couldn't, the hair would poke my tongue, shame on you."

She pulls aways punching my arm. LOL!! So I pull her in again and say, "Well you need to think about these thing, I could only imagine what it looks like under your underwear." Instant laughter from her so now I know she's coo and is very attracted to me and then I say, "On a scale of 1-10 how good of a kisser are you?"

"A 9." she says. I start telling her she's cocky and that I bet she's a 6 MAYBE a 7. So of course she asks me and I look right at her with a goofy face and tell her, "I'm sloppy and I drool a lot...I'm a 3 at best." Right when I'm done saying that I pull her in and a make out pops off. She's a really good kisser, soft and just enough tongue. I break away first and tell her she's the 3 and we need to stop. LOL

I get a bratty look from her and then I pull her in again and make out for another minute or so. A few minutes later I get a text from my boy telling everybody to go to Denny's up the street from where we're at after the club. I look at my chick and ask her if she's down, she is and so is her friend. I start making my rounds and saying my good byes to everyone.

On my wait to Denny's I'm thinking of how I could fuck this chick right now. I already got the make out, I got the bounce, now I just need to pull. We all get to Denny's and get the table, my target and her friend meet everybody and not even a minute later they say, "It was nice meeting everyone, but we have to go." EVERYONE at the table was like, "Um...okay."

So after we exit Denny's and are walking towards the car my chick says, "She has to work on the morning at six." YEAH RIGHT!!! She wasn't gettin' no love so she was hating. LOL So I just did was any other guy would do...I said later, and went in and continued hangin' with my boys. LOL!!!!

She texts me when she got home and wants to kick it again. I also have a Day2 set up tonight and Ms. Cheeks wants to be fuck buddies. After the shitty couple weeks I've had this wasn't a bad start from from my break. Lookin' good, fellas.

Things I worked on -

Talking sexual

Things I need to work on -

Banter (Kinda rusty)
Keeping the sexual talk going until she's dripping wet. LOL

And that's about it...

Like I said, it's more of a notes type deal for me than anything else.