First night out since I split with my ex just over a month ago. We were together for only 4 months, but honestly she was the nicest girl that I have ever dated, the sex was fantastic, and both of us planned to spend our lives together. However something happened and we split. It was an amicable split though and didn't involve any foul play.

They say that it normally takes 50% of the time you were together to get over a break. I've waited a month and I'm fed up of waiting, so 2 nights ago it was time start playing the game once more.

Bournemouth is a seaside town with a high number of nightclubs and bars, and is often referred to as the clubbing capital of the southwest. At least it was. When I and a friend who I've been teaching game to arrived the entire town was dead.

Our salvation came in the form of Walkabout, an Australian themed nightclub/sports bar. And it was CRAMMED!!!

Free entry, a choice of 20 drinks for 1 had drawn in lots of people. Ranging from desperate AFC's to "super cool" guys, and HB's 1 through 11, this place had them all.

At the start I wasn't really in state. Remember this was the first time that I'd been out in a long time. A pint of Carling sorted that - I wasn't drunk incidently on 1 pint!!

Me and my mate spent some time just purely having fun on the dance floor before he decided it was time for a smoke. I don't smoke myself, but experience has taught me that the smoking area is actually quite a good place to go if you want to talk to girls.

So we went upstairs and bumped into a couple of our friends who we chatted to for a few minutes before the set-to-be walked in.

The set consisted of 2 guys and 1 girl (target HB8). They came and stood right next to our group - I didn't even have to physically approach this set.

Time to go to work! I can't remember how I opened the set. It was a situational opener, something that I love more than scripted routines, but it was the guys that I opened first. After a bit of banter (and amoging of the 2 other guys) I proceeded to get some names, first asking the guys and then finally landing on the HB.

I went straight into my secondary opener which was pre scripted:

Me: Hey you look like you're fun (qualifying her), let me ask you something. Do you believe in magic and the kind of things Derren Brown does?

HB: Yeah!! I love that kind of stuff!

Me: That's awesome!! Well in which case do you want to try something?

HB: What??

Me: Let me read your mind

(By this time her friends have stopped talking to mine and literally everyone in the smoking area is listening in).

HB: Yeah!! Go for it!!

ESP Mind Reading -

Me: OK do you remember the chalk boards they had at school?

HB: Yeah..

Me: Well in a moment I would like you to close your eyes and imagine yourself writing a number between 1 and 4 on the board. (At this point I gestured, which was actually me writing the number 3 backwards in the air so she would perceive it as the correct way around). OK, close your eyes. See yourself with the chalk in your hand , walking towards the board. Now I want you to write your number on the board now. Have you written it?

HB: Yes.

Me: Open your eyes. Your number was 3 wasn't it.

HB: O...M...G!!! How did you do that!! That was amazing!!

HB Friend #1: Dude that was ****** awesome!!! Max did you see that? This guy just read her mind!

I continued...feeling high on adrenaline but keeping composed.

Me: OK this time we're going to do the exact same thing but you're going to write a number between 1-10 on the board.

I did exactly the same this time saying 7. Unfortunately I was wrong. It was 9 :S but I recover it by then explaining it to her...

Me: OK my answer would have always been 3 or 7. (All are listening intently). 3 and 7 are the easiest numbers for most average people to visualise, so because you picked 9 it tells me that you're way above being average.

HB: *IOI's* blah blah blah

Me: Also the fact that you picked 9 also tells me that you are generally very outgoing, but occasionally you do love a bit of quiet time. *Cold reads are great!*

HB: That. Is. So. Me! *Hugs me*

I don't know if the 3-7 or the 9 thing is true. I pretty much made the whole 9 thing up on the spot. It's not lying it's flirting.

At this point me and her do a bit of fluffing, and then I eject and say:

Me: Well look HB, I'm going to have a crazy time on the dancefloor. Come find me later. I've got another trick I can teach you, but I will warn you, you will owe me a drink afterward!

HB: Hhaha! OK we will see

I did see her a few more times in the club, but I chose to re open her on the dancefloor with some dancefloor game. I dance up to her give a hip bump, she turns toward me and smiles an we proceed to dance.

After the dancefloor we head up to the smoking area again ( I hadn't planned to... she basically pleaded with me to come with her. I cooly said ok lol

In the end I was able to Number Close her pretty easily by simply telling that it had been great meeting her, and then asking what the best method of staying in touch was. She asked for my phone so she could enter it in, then called her phone from mine so she got mine.

That was my night. I was a buzzing after it as having been out of the game for so long to come back and number close a HB8 on my first night was just such a rush and self esteem boost after my breakup.

I am now seeing her tonight

Long first thread I know. Post comments, questions, and what not below