I just recently broke it off with Ms. Cheeks the girl I tried to LTR but the chick is PSYCHO. All up in my business, tells me that PU is a joke LOL! and gets mad that I promote clubs and that I'm always off talking to girls. Well, how else am I gonna make money if I'm not talkin' to guests and getting them back next week?


I've gotten to the point in my game where I will say AFC shit just to see how girls react to it just because I'm so detached from how shit pans out. If girls are talking to other guys I'll say some shit like, "Who was that, were you flirting with him?" Sometimes girls will go straight into defense mode or they'll get all into it because you're showing them that you care.

Funny stuff, but damn...


I'm newly single after a few months of locking down Ms. Cheeks and I'm back to juggling a few hunnies again (rough life, I know)...I have Ms. Cheeks who comes over to get broken off, I just found out that Fontana still wants to f*ck me even though she has a man. I picked up a kindergarten teacher in Hunting Beach a few weeks back and have hung out with her a few times but there's just something about her gums that makes me not want to hit it. Then I have Ms. Fashion. WOW. A hunnie. Tall, cute as f*ck, Hispanic and by golly she's just nice to stare at.

So I'ma write about the LMR I put up with last night.

If you read my FR "Christmas Came Early" then you know how I met this chick...I ended up Day2ing her two nights later but I was mad caught up at my event that I couldn't really chill with her, so eh...

Last night she comes over for "movie night" and I've been crashing at FlightDeck's house to handle some biz since I'm in the process of getting some shit off the ground.

So he has a girl coming over and I do to. We stop by Hollywood Video to grab some flicks.

During the first movie, FlighDeck gets up and says, "She's gonna help me with my math quiz." LOL!!! Uh huh, riiiiiiiiiiight. 30 minutes later she comes out of the room walkin' fast and says, "I broke my curfew rule." WTF?! 24 yrs. old and still has curfew? FlightDeck got him a sheltered one. It's all gravy she lives two streets over in his neighborhood.

After the first movie ends Ms. Fashion goes out to her car and brings in some Vodka and we start sippin' on it. We end up finishing the bottle and then start up on some Mojito's. YUM! I grab her hand and just start walking towards the room. Get in there and she's laying down on the bed so I get on top.

We're going at it and I start licking on her neck and work my way down to her chest, I pull down her shirt top a little and start to lick on her nipples. All this is being done while I'm grinding her.

She stops me after a few licks on her nipples and pushes me off then gets on top of me. I'm groping all over her body and grabbing her ass, squeezing all tight. I sit up so she's stradeling me and pull her bra down and go at her chest again.

This time she's enjoying it more so I reach in the back and unsnap the bra, take that bad boy off and lift her shirt and toss that on the floor as well. She grabs my shirt and take it off me. Again I'm licking on her chest while rubbing her back with my hands. I work my way towards the zipper on her pants.

No joke...These things that two clips, two buttons and a zipper. W.T.F?!

Right before I start getting them off she tries to jump off me while saying, "We're not doing this right now." I sit up and pull her in for a kiss and agree with her, "You're right."

After a few more minutes of making out...

I get them off and look at her and say, "Didn't you say you wanted me to start at your ankle and work my way up?" She giggles and I start licking from her ankle and making my way up her inner thigh. She didn't shave her legs for like a day or two so I'm busting on her for that. LOL!!!

I get to her inner thigh right near her spot to get her ready. She lets out a lil nice moan and now I know it's time to take her panties off.

I slide them off, go in for a quick kiss and then go to town. I made my tongue wide and flat, gave her that one first lick from the bottom up with that slight flick at the end and then stayed there until she came.

She pulls me up to kiss her right away and then pushes me off her again and gets on top. (I could get use to that LOL)

I've noticed with me if I don't have a slight connection with a girl It's harder for me to get up and into the mood. Like if it's just a random hook up...NAE! No go for me.

So once she started going down on me, there was a no go. JEEZUS! It's always the first and or second time that this happens when I hook up with a chick but then after that...BAM! It's on and cracking and we f*ck like rabbits for weeks.

Eh, what can you do...

This type of chick is a keeper. She goes to school, has a job, has a dope fashion sense AND is fine. LOL!!! I've been on the Asian tip for a few years now but there's nothing wrong with a lil Latin spice, son!