I met a woman at a popular online dating site and her photos were extremely conservative. She initiated a chat session w/me. Her wording was also very conservative and I assumed that she was a goody two shoes. I did not want to escalate for fear of scaring her off (she's very cute). Then, out of nowhere, she brings up an Indian sexual philosophy; one that I happen to be familiar with. So she asked my opinion.

I still didn't escalate because of the mental image of her photos and level of conversation I seriously thought she would no put out unless she was in love - and sure enough that's what she said.

I was about to end the chat with her when she tells me that she is very naughty and if I'd like to see her fill all her holes! WTF!? Ms Goody Two Shoes is a FREAK!!!

She invited me to meet and do her. Now she wants me to bring a girl to join us. I can't disclose everything that went on, too many virgin ears at this site -