So I've been out the game for a minute trying to get the rest of my life situated. You know, making money, having a regular sleep schedule, stuff like that. WELL...

I'm making some money but my sleep schedule is still f*cked. LOL!!!

Promoting clubs and bars is a little harder than you think once you have your own venue. It's almost a full time fuckin' job.

But enough of that...

Back to the deal...

So I promote a bar in Newport Beach and have been doing so for a lil over a month and I've come to realize...I DON'T KNOW THE LOCALS. With that in mind I have decided to social proof myself down there and get to know EVERYBODY!!!

Last night me and my boy Bruce Wang from the board went bar hopping and here's just a few things that I did once I was in social mode.

First Bar in Costa Mesa - Walked up got ID'd got the door guys name. (Always get the door guys name.) We get inside and walk though to the music area and it's WAY too loud. I say what's up to a couple people and bounce.


Second Bar in Newport Beach - We get out of the car and start walking towards the bar and then decide to head to Burger King so Bruce Wang can eat. LOL! After that we enter the bar right next door. ID'd, get the door guys name and we're off! Get inside and are about to start a Social Proofing exercise but Bruce wasn't ready for it so I mention going to another bar and we do. (We'll be back.)

Third Bar in Newport Beach - Walk up and get ID'd, but this time I know both door guys names, I say what's up and ask how their night's going and then we get inside. We walk straight towards the pool tables since it's mad dead and that's the most happening spot in the bar. We get quarters throw them on the table for next and meet a local cat named Shark (dude could play pool) and his friend.

While waiting for the pool table Bruce is on his phone so I tap the dude on the shoulder next to me and start talking to him about my friend and his phone. Bruce has the type of phone where he has to use a little pen to touch the screen, so I was busting on him for that. Then the dude we just met from LA said his buddy has the same one, LOL! Dude says he down from LA for the weekend and want to party it up, I exchange info with him and then play my game of pool!

After the game of pool we decide to head to another bar to see what's poppin'.

Fourth Bar in Newport Beach - Get to the door and again I already know the door guys name from the last few times I was there, I say what's up and then I'm off! Inside I go and right when I get in there I bump into someone I know. It's always nice knowing someone when you're out. Bruce and I make our way through the place and the ratio is 4-1 guys. NOT GOOD! On our way back towards the door I see my boy Hollywood, HOLLYWOOOOOOOOD!!!! I met him through my social circle in the promoting scene. Dude's mad chill, good vibes and just down to have a good time. The first time I met him we drove in his convertible BMW to the Rhino Room after Shore Ultra Lounge, Him, My boss, My date and me. LOL!! We walk outside with him and he lights up a smoke, Bruce does the same and here's where some fun begins.

This Asian girl walks up and bums a cigarette off of Bruce Wang (no problem) walks off and then walks back to ask for a light...LOL!!! So I look at her and say, "Would you like for him to smoke it for you too?!" Her friends look a little shocked

I look over and ask the girl who bummed a cigarette if she's having a good time and she says "yes" with a smile so I tell her she's nice and that she can't be a local. She said all beach city people are nice. LOL! Not all, son! I give a Kino test by putting my hand on her shoulder and holding it there. No weirdness. After I intro Bruce and Hollywood I get all teh girls names and I forget ones name and she acts all hurt. LOL! I tell the girls to have a good night and we're off!

BACK to Bar 2 in Newport Beach - Bruce and I get back in and take a walk around to peep the scene, get near a table and talk about the Social Proof exercise we're about to do and then we bust it. We meet back after running around like animals, then I get hit up by some dude for weed. SORRY BRO! My boy talks to him a lil about smokin' and all that fun shtuff and then we were OUT!!

One night down and another 13 to go. See you fuckers in the battle field.