Even though I had a lot of my mind before the Casanova Crew Orange County meeting, it went really well. The turnout was right around what I expected, 20 heads. TOLD YOU FUCKERS I'D BE HANDLIN' BIZ ONCE I WAS BACK!

The meeting started with a lil meet n' greet so everybody could know who's who. (Good lookin' out B Bad, I completely spaced it. LOL) Then I rambled on about a few things before Status got there to talk about his day game shiz!

I had to leave a lil early since I had a birthday dinner party coming to my bar and blah blah blah. So here's the stuff I did last night once I was at my location.

Remember folks, I'm SOCIAL PROOFING myself so keep that in mind.

First set I see - I turn around and the first group I see is two dudes standing on the back of the smoking patio chatting amongst themselves so I walk up and start my yappin'. They're actually there for another promotion company that's next door, LOL, so I keep talking to them and shoot the shit about where they club, chill and work.

You know, GUY STUFF, then I ask what they're drinking and the one dude says he's drinking Vodka Cranberry. I tell him I got him (I promote the bar to I get a grip of free drink tickets, so no homo for you freaks). I give dude his drink and we talk about him coming to another one of my events, we exchange numbers and then I'm off.

2nd set of the night - Right after I left the cats that were actually suppose to be next door I see a big group of Asian chicks, YUM!!! I walk straight up and start telling them that I booked the Dj's and that I better see them dancing or I'm going to be very sad but even more disappointed. A few of the girls start smiling and then they tell me it's their friends birthday and shove her towards me to go and dance.

I tell her she deserves a birthday shot so I grab her hand and pull her towards me, and once we got inside some dude was literally holding on to her for dear life so I asked, "What are you, her boyfriend?!" "Yes." he replies. WTF?! So weird and insecure. I didn't wanna battle dude for her so I walked off to the bar and got this chick a shot. Get back to their table with a Jager, EW! Give them my card and tell them I better see them on the dance floor later.

3rd set of the night - I walk up to a 2set and ask, "Are we having a good time?" I say this while crossing my arms and leaning to the side striking my pose. The two girls start telling me that they are having an excellent time. We chop it up for a bit longer and then I tell them they seem chill and then tell them we're all gonna take shots at the bar. We all get near the bar and as I'm waiting for the bartender my boy rolls up and says, "Yo Hydro, all these girls live in the area." BINGO! The set I was just talking to was in that group!

The girls get caught up doing girl stuff and then I take off outside to talk to a few of my boys. One of my friends just got a job there two weeks ago while we were there chilling, so it's good times, LOL.

4th set of the night - I'm outside and the girl who's working for me taking down everybody in the spots email address' walks up and says she's done, so as I'm walking to my car to put it away I see two really cute Hispanic chicks talking in the parking lot. "Wheeeeere are you two off to?!" they smile and say they're thinking about taking off. "Is that right? Well if you two decide to stay I got your next round, alright? I'm Hydro, so find me inside and we're good."

As I'm walking off I hear the taller of the two say, "Wow, that's really nice." I get back inside and see that SecretAgent's (who's my Dj btw lol!) friends are on the smoking patio so I start to chop it up with them and when I turn around I see the girls from the parking lot are now sitting on the smoking patio! BOOM! I walk straight up to them and ask what they're having. A Vodka Cran and a Coors Light. I GOT THIS!!!

These girls that were leaving ended up staying until the bar closed, and I got the shorter more cute ones number on her way out.

5th set of the night - RxQueen was in the building with her usual trouble making friend. Let me tell you...this girl is CRAZY! So I get dragged into the dance floor area and she starts to grind on me, but I wasn't really havin' it. I walk off and then her other friend Ms. Cutie comes up to me and says something about drugs. WTF?! That's two days in a row someone has asked me for drugs. I don't do or sale drugs, JEEZUS! So I start telling her that my friends smoke weed and that's about it.

I get her number and then walk off. I see her later and start dancing with her, grinding all the good stuff you do once you're on the dance floor. I turn her towards me and get really close and pull her in and start to bite on her neck. I get one in, pull away and go in for another lil nibble. Good times.

6th set of the night - Chaosman rolls in as usual with hunnies and shoots the shit w/ me and my boy who got me in the promoting scene. I ask what they're both drinking and get 'em a round. One of them is a real cutie. Spaced to get her info though. NEXT TIME! lol! I bump into them on their way to another bar and she tells me they're leaving and asks what I'ma do. ioi?!

7th set of the night - I'm walking by the bar to see what's going on over in that area since it had a lil crowd that just screamed "HYDRO COME TALK OVER HERE!!!" I'm passing by this table in the corner and see this little blonde not really talking to anybody so I walk up and say, "Well...you look like you're having TONS of fun." Huge grin on my face while saying it and she says, "I'm trying to find a ride home." If she lives in Newport a cab shouldn't be hard right? I ask, "Well where do you live?" "Las Vegas." this chick says. JEEZUS! That's once expensive taxi ride you got there I tell her and I give her a high-five and walk off.

8th set of the night - There's a group of Indian girls that walk in and are looking really pretty. I smile and them and say hello. I get kinda ignored. Eh, whatevs right?! There's more fish in the sea. I social proof myself by dancing around with other girls and talking to everybody around me before I go outside for the bar coming to an end.

I'm outside chilling with a hand full of flyers yelling and being a smart ass to everybody walking by trying to get their attention to take flyers. PEOPLE HATE THOSE THINGS. Next thing you know the Indian girls walk by and I start yelling at them telling them we're having a Beer Pong competition next week.

One yells out, "Were from Chicago!" I look at them with a shocked face and say, "Oooooooooooo is THAT right?! Well, when are you here until?" The 2nd cutest one says they're here until Sunday. "Perfect! I'll be around town at other clubs, so don't be shy and come party it up with me alright?" I give them all my cards and tell them that the windy city doesn't have shit on Cali! LOL!!!

I'ma be writing one of these every day so people can see the craziness and or boringness that goes on in going out every night for a while. So if any of you fuckers wanna go out and practice some exercises LET ME KNOW, SON!!!

See you fuckers in the battle field.