This one's gonna be a wee bit short, son.

Day 3 -

Friday night I get ready and head to one the clubs I promote and get there to find out that EVERYBODY on my list is late, LOL! So I don't get paid, plus I have to be picking up a box of flyers AND I need to social proof myself AND I need to flyer. So I had a lot on my mind. I didn't do much except have a girl that wants me pay to get in while I gave my free passes to a cat who kicks me free shirts for promoting his clothing line. LOL! Bro's before ho's, son!

I leave Long Beach and text my two girl friends that I've known since I was 13 and tell them they're weak for being in LB and not stopping by but they said they were leaving at the same time so I told them to meet me in Newport and they do. We end up on the smoking patio at the bar I promote just BSing and I chop it up with my buddy Reel who works there now.

I flyer and then we're about to leave for Denny's when my friends car wouldn't start so we had to call a tow company to jump it since my beater of a car couldn't do it. LOL!!!

Day 4 -

Saturday night and it's my second night back in Anaheim promoting and for some reason I had a weird feeling in my stomach, I couldn't really tell what it was from. Then when I was at the club I remember it's the exact same feeling I use to get last summer before I'd go sarging and know I was about to have a KILLER night. YUP!!! Those feelings are starting to kick in again!

Jiant Jay, Kurse and Siren are walking in front of me as I'm walking up to the club so I run up and start stomping my feet all loud to get their attention and talk with them for a bit. More of my people show up from PUA's to good close friends of mine and so I'm just waiting to get 'em all in. Guru, SixPack, FlightDeck show up. ALL WITH HUNNIES!!! Just how us OC PUA's do, son!!!! (Pay attention Megatron)

I get errrrbody in and then I have to talk business with the dude I work for and then by the time that takes place it's already midnight and I have to take off to flyer for my event.

As I'm leaving I'm getting a text from North CCIE (Casanova Crew Inland Empire), lol. He's in Newport partying it up, so we decide to meet up at my bar. Plus TomCatt's already there! (Dude loves that place) I end up getting there and doing a walk through to see the crowd and talk to a few of the employees. Run out back to talk to Reel for a few and we start talking with this girl about the "Rave scene." After busting on her for a few and making my boy laugh I head out front to hand out my flyers. While I'm standing there TomCatt comes out, LOL!!! We chop it up for a few and as a few chicks come out he's bantering with them since he was "chatting" with them earlier.

He ends up splitting and I'm doing my thing flyering and then as this group of 3 starts walking towards me and get low and start jumping off the ground, both feet at a time while smiling really big. The girl comes up and says, "Will it make you happy if I take your flyer?" "Indeed it will!" I tell her and then she gets really close to me and starts to talk about what events are going to be happening at the bar the nights I promote it.

We talk about everything from the bar, to where we live, who she knows around town and where we're going after the bar. She was pretty dope. While we were talking I just stop her mid sentence and tell her, "You're too fun, we need to chill. Let me get your number." I get her number and then we continue to talk for a while longer and then she splits.

I talk with North about this house we can party at, but I had to get to JuJu Beats to flyer for a bit, so I took off to pick up more flyers and meet up with Bruce Wang to handle some more money biz!

So there's the my last two nights, not very eventful when I'm workin' I guess. LOL I'll have more for you fuckers soon!