So tonight I had a lot of options on what I could be doing.

Being in PU makes it so that shit like this happens. Option 1.) Go to the OC fair with my Promoting friends. Option 2.) Go to Huntington Beach with Ms. Spice I met the other night and kick it with Clark Kent. Option 3.) Chill with my boys from my regular social circle. Option 4.) Movie night with a chick I met on MySpace through promoting.

Well I chose Option 4 'cause I wants to get laid!

So here's what went down.

I text Flightdeck to see if it's chill that I have movie night over at his pad since he was letting surf his couch for a while, he says it's chill and then I'm off to his pad. I forget my rubbers in my bag and stroll on over to a gas station near FD's crib. I grab me a redbull and a pack of NEW Trojan rubbers. Things were in a crazy orange box, LOL! I get over there and walk on in and look for FD, but he's in his room on his phone so I just wait out in the living room for my chick to arrive.

She pulls up and I wait, but she ends up texting me to come outside. I roll out and get her and we come in the crib to chill. We try working the television but I can't get the XBox to line up with the TV and FD has to come it and school a brotha up! He ends up offering up a few mixed drinks and we take them and go outside near the pool. So now we're outside, it's FD, Myself, My chick and FD's Korean hunnie.

We're chopping it up about anything and everything but my chick CAN NOT hold a convo with people that well. Her conversational skills mos def need work. Earlier inside the house when she first got there I was trying to get her to hold eye contact with me for 15 seconds and she couldn't. 10 seconds was the best she did.

Not sure what's up with her, but she's mos def a quiet one. After a while my chick and FD's take off inside and I get a quick talk in with FD about how she's a lil difficult she puts up a lot of resistance. That's about all we could get in before his lady rolled back out to the pool.

Everybody's putting their feet in the water except me because I wasn't feeling it. Then I start looking at my chick telling her to go inside with me and it takes a few, "Lets go." while I'm smiling moving my heads towards the house. LOL!

We get in on the couch and I pull her towards me to get a kiss in. She starts to lean her body back and says, "What's going on?" Nooooooooooo! Not another one of these type chicks, jeezus. I pull her in tight and go in for another and we start making out.

She gets on top of me and starts to grind and after a few minutes, stops. She gets off me and sits beside me. I go in for another kiss and we go at it again. We keep doing this for a while and then I finally get up and start to walk towards the bedroom.

I feel a tug on my arm and it's her trying to stop me with a huge grin on her face, "No, where are we going?" I smile and keep walking with very little resistance now.

After we get in the bedroom I sit on the bed and pull her towards me. I go in for the kiss and she pulls back after she's done. I look at her and say, "You act like I have a huge pile of condoms on my bed." Right after that flies out of my mouth she jumps on top of me and pushes me back.

Now she's on top and grinding me. GOOD TIMES!

She pulls off of me again.

She says something about the door being open and her ass being in the air, so I tell her to shut the door and she does. We get back on the bed and now I'm on top.

We twist and turn a few times, we switch from one position to the next showing each other all these different positions we'd like to f*ck in. But in the end I got her pulling off of me and saying she had to go...

So I got in my car and came to my friends house and had a killer night chillin' w/ my boy Reel.