So Sunday Night I was chillin' with lil hunnie dip and ended up taking off late so I ended up chillin' w/ my boy Reel. Shit was mad fun, we ended up staying up all night goofin' around so the next day (Monday) when everybody was at work he went home and I crashed. That fool's a funny dude, I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life.

So I'm napping, then I get a text from a friend so I wake up and realize I can move my car back from the parking lot across the street (it was street sweeping day). I go and move my car and come back to chill, while I'm here I'm snacking on some crackers, Rice Krispies Treats, lol and finishing off some OJ. Once my friend gets home she looks over and just walks into her room. She comes back to the living room and just start to unload on what kind of day she had, she didn't have a very good one.

I just sat and listened, it was to intense for me to make smart remarks.


I order pizza for the both of us, so she doesn't have to make herself anything and we could just chill. The pizza gets there and we grub while watching clips of this dude names Chi-City3 on Youtube. Dudes clips are mad funny. We end up finishing our food and throw in a movie, after the movie starts she walks off and does her own thing in the other room and I jump online and check a couple sites out.

She's back on the couch and I tell her to scoot over to get in the cuddle mode. I'm leaned up in the corner and just pull her in. After a few I just go in for a kiss and we start going at it.

My hands are everywhere I'm lifting up her shirt exposing her chest and then my hand ends up in between her thighs. She doesn't remove it. So I continue doin' what I do and keep mackin' on her.

I realize the blinds are open and sometimes people sit on the balcony across the way, so we close those. LOL! After they get shut I go in for it and put my hands in her sweats and do my deal until she comes. She tells me to stop 'cause she was about to scream, haha.

After that we're just sitting there and then I go in for another kiss. We're kissing for a few minutes and I whisper in her ear that I want her to lick on my neck and chest and work her way down. She tells me to say it to her, so I tell her I want her to go down and suck my c***. ***k really isn't my word so it was a lil weird flying out my mouth, but eh.

My shirt comes and and she's kissing all over my neck, chest and stomach and finally she grabs my dick. My pajama pants get pulled down and she goes to town. My pj's are starting to get in the way so I take 'em off. I'm on the couch naked and she giving me he**. Really good head too. I was surprised. Once I started to get close to busting I just grabbed her head and started pushing for a faster non-stop motion, LOL.


Busted and then I cleaned myself off. *She didn't swallow*

Another Day Another Holler.