Tuesday -

Got up from a nap, went to Heat to pick up my check and ended up having to stay until almost midnight! F*CK! Left there to go hit Newport and shoot some pool with a photographer I met through promoting. Dude was talkin' shit, so I had to handle business. Come to find out we both suck. LOL!!! We just chopped it up with the locals there, nothing too crazy. Just getting my face to be a normal one down there.

Wednesday - After going into the office for a few hours to talk with my boy about my events, I left from there and came back to the place I'm staying, took a shower and sat down on the couch, crossed my legs and leaned my head on my arm and then BAM!!! woke up at 3:30 in the fuckin' morning. I know, I know...I suck.

So here's where I tried to make it up to you guys...

Thursday -

LMR girl from one of my last field report comes over for "movie night" even though it's 4 in the afternoon, LOL! As she exiting the freeway I tell her that either I can jump in her car so we can both go and get food or she can go to the In n' Out up the street and get me a Combo #1 Animal Style. She calls me from the drive thru asking what type of soda I want. ROOT BEER of course, son!!!

She gets here and we eat and throw in a movie. The couch we're on isn't too big, and it's literally just to sit on. So when we're trying to get comfy I say, "Yo, lets go in on the bed." She immediately gives me that look. So I tell her she better keep her hands to herself.

We're in on the bed and of course what do I do?! START TOUCHING!!! I should slap my hands, I can be so bad sometimes. I go in for the kiss and she pulls back. I go in for another one, she does it again. So I lay back behind her and just shut my eyes. GIRLS HATE WHEN YOU FALL ASLEEP DURING MOVIES. But it gets their attention. Once she sees that I'm passing out she turns all the way around and faces me. I go in for the kiss. BOOM! Got it.

I grab her and throw her on top of me so I can get the full view and start running my hands on her sides, belly and chest. She tries to throw my hands away. I sit up and pull her and and go for another kiss and start to grind. She grinds back. Then she gets off of me and lays beside me and I go in for another kiss, DENIED! Jeezus. Too many walls to break down and not cute enough to put in all this work.

I sit up, grab my phone since it went off and text/call everybody back that had called. Jumped online to see if my flyers were done and in print. She's sitting there looking at me like WTF, lol!!!

I get everything with my flyers handled, get ready and walk with her out towards our cars and give a sideways hug and was off.

Here's the few texts I've gotten from her.

Ms. LMR - Aite let me break it down for u... and please don't take it the wrong way.. I have a slight crush and iI know what you're not lookin for and I know what i'm wanting and I don't think ti's on the same line so my bad if sometimes I hold back cause oh boy do I want it but I don't think I can handle it...ya dig?

Then she texts me this last night after I was on my way to work...

Ms. LMR - So...date someone who has a schedule like yours duh! Or date someone who doesn't complain. JEEZUS have fun playing catch up with ur friends. Thanx for the movie and ass grabbin.. good times lol


So I get to the bar and am getting everything set up and seeing if I know anybody that's there and yada yada yada. I know that this girl I've been peeping is coming so I start to get into a lil social mood and all, but then get hit with some stupid shit from one of the owners at the bar.

BLAH! We set up the beer pong for the guests and then I turn around and BAM! The two chicks that are starting to become my regulars show up. This one I mentioned in this FR, Ms. Cutie. I walk up and say hello and as the typical girls they are, they ask where their drinks are, lol!! So I walk off and get their first rounds. After I come back I had to run off since I had to pay attention to how many pitchers of beer were being played on the tables. HECTIC!!!

It was to the point in the first hour of seeing Ms. Cutie, I had to run off right when I would say something to her. JEEZUS!!!

I finally get some free time and start to walk around and who the fuck else walks up?! FLIGHTDECK!!! CCOC's newest member. "Yo, who you with?" I ask as I'm looking behind him. He said he rolled with Skinny and another cat from the forum. NICE!!! I turn around and FootBaller714 and Cisko7 stopped by to say what's up. I chopped it up with them for a bit. Intro'd them to Flightdeck and bounced.

As I'm at the bar I look over and SixPack rolls in, LOL!! All the fresh faces are starting to show up, it was mad fun to to see all these guys. It's stuff like that, that makes me like being in the community.

After running around for a few I'm going out front to talk to the door man, and I see Skinny talkin' to my target, LOL! (She is cute) and whisper to him that she's my chick for the night. WE NEED TO WING A SET, BRO!

A while later I'm dancing with Ms. Cutie's friend and as she walks off she's looking over her shoulder and says, "You down to have a 3some with me and Ms. Cutie?" I stay standing where I'm at and shrug my shoulders like, "eh." I start to walk towards her and tell her I'll think about it. The look on her face was priceless. That chick was expecting me to jump all over it. Funny how chicks work sometimes.

Later on I'm dancing with Ms. Cutie again and we're freaking doing the do on the dance floor and she turns around and says, "I didn't know Ms. Freak was into p*ssy, she just asked me if I was down for a 3some and I said we can only have a 3some if it's with you." I laughed. That would be an experience, no? I wasn't out of the bar until almost 2:30 and there's no way in hell a girl's going to wait that long.

They ended up splitting around midnight maybe even one I believe. But before they left I was on the patio with Skinny, Flightdeck and a few other heads and before Ms. Cutie took off I pulled her in and got a lil make out sesh. She pulled away first. DAMMIT! So I told her that was weak and pulled her in for another kiss and then I pulled away before she could and told her, "That's enough."


They are all coming out to my Friday spot tonight.

Damn I love PU.


Oh, and for the record...I didn't pay